BO3 Zombies: Zetsubou No Shima Shield Part Locations

Learn how to wield the shield.

The shield is one of the most important buildable items in Zetsubou no Shima. It is just like any other riot shield in Black Ops 3 Zombies that can be crafted after collecting the designated parts.

It protects you from the deadly punches of zombies and tentacles of horrifying spiders crawling around the deserted jungles.

Since the dark and gritty theme of the forest, many players tend to find it difficult to collect the buildable parts for the shield so we thought why not make it easy for you and write about how to find them in this guide below?

How to build the shield in Zetsubou no Shima

A total of 3x parts are required to craft the shield in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 which can be found scattered around the map.  

Shield Part #1

The first part of the shield can be accessed by turning on the power for the main bunker on the map. Once the power is turned on, simply enter the bunker and make a right turn towards the door next to the Perk-A-Cola.

The door leads to a small area with the AA Cannons on the right. After reaching the small area, look to your right to find the first part of the shield next to the stones. If the part doesn’t seem to be there, just walk straight to the corner of the room to find it next to the broken roof.

Shield Part #2

The second part of the shield can be found in the small pond just outside of Lab B. Due to the dark theme, the part may be camouflaged on the wooden crates. It is recommended to stick to the wall to see a prompt for picking up the shield part in Zetsubou No Shima.  

If the prompt doesn’t appear, simply travel to the western section of Lab B and walk towards the huge stone placed next to the mystery box location to find the shield part.

Shield Part #3

The third shield part is one of the easiest to find in BO3 zombies. Simply head on over to the basement section of Lab A to find the last shield part hanging on the western pillar.

Once all three parts are found, head on to the workbench in Lab A to craft the shield in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombies and begin the easter egg. If the shield isn’t doing much, you also choose to upgrade it.

How to upgrade the shield in Zetsubou no Shima

The upgrade for the shield is quite simple and can only be done after you’ve completed the Easter Egg for Zetsubou No Shima. To upgrade the shield, head on over to the skull altar and simply complete the three challenges on each of the four pillars to receive a reward.

Once all challenges have been completed, lightning will begin to strike at the alter and it’ll keep on striking randomly. While the lightning begins to strike, simply stand on the altar with the shield equipped to electrify it.  

Now you have the newly upgraded shield for BO3 zombies that electrifies zombies near it making it easier for you to evade them.

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