How To Beat Android 20 (Dr Gero) in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

This guide will help you understand Android 20’s abilities while guiding you How To Beat Android 20 (Dr Gero) in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

In DBZ Kakarot, you will have to fight Android 20 in the Android Saga, alongside Piccolo.

How To Beat Android 20 (Dr Gero) in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Android 20 (Dr Gero) has a number of abilities under his sleeves, which include:

  • Photo Wave
  • Energy Balls During Surge
  • Energy Drain
  • Absorption Mode
  • Counter Attack

Photon Wave
This attack features a red beam of energy. A line-like projection will appear before the actual attack takes over; the projection will reveal the direction of the attack, which is why you’ll have to move out of this line.

Energy Balls During Surge
In his surge state, Android 20 will cause balls to fire out of himself that will be directed towards you, which is why you need to maintain a safe distance between him and yourself while he’s in his surge state.

Energy Drain
At various times during your fight against Android 20, he will lunge towards you and grab you from your back to absorb your energy, healing himself for 50,000 HP while draining your Ki.

You may avoid this attack by timely dodging his charge/strike.

Absorption Mode
You will notice how Android 20 will have a white aura surrounding himself at various times of the match. During this, you are advised not to fire any Ki blasts at him because he will absorb all the energy to heal himself.

Counter Attack
If you’re fighting too close to Android 20 for excessive time periods, he might perform a roundhouse kick to push you away and stun you as well.

This will allow him to land the Photon Wave on you quite easily, and thus deal a lot of damage to you. You should avoid fighting too close to him for long time periods.

Boss Fight Tips for Android 20

Well if you’re looking to defeat Android 20 in DBZ Kakarot, you should be aware of that fact that he’s very keen on stealing people’s Ki to heal himself.

Which is why you will need to avoid shooting Ki blasts towards him when he’s surrounded by a white aura during the match.

You should also keep varying your fight patterns so that you don’t get hit by his counter attack when you’re fighting up close. This will allow him to stun you, and then perfect his Photon Wave on you as well.

Be on the lookout for his Photon Wave’s projection, which will appear right before the actual attack appears. As soon as you see this line, move out of it fast!

Whenever he’s in his surge state, you are to expect a charge of balls that will be fired towards you, be sure to dodge them.

Android 20 will also have abilities buffed when he’s in the surge mode (he will glow in red), which is why you need to keep away from him whenever he’s in surge.

Try using ranged attacks at him whenever he’s not in the absorption mode to help yourself in getting his health lowered down. Your Rapid Fire Ki Wave will also deal a lot of damage to him.

Make sure you dodge his charge towards you whenever you’re fighting up close, or he’ll stick to your back to drain your Ki and heal himself!

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