How to Access DLC Items in Code Vein

Of course, once you have the new title Code Vein in your hand, it is almost impossible to resist the temptation of playing the game immediately but just wait a moment. Before you start the game, check for the pre-order and Deluxe Edition items. Below we have summed up a guide for you that has the way to access these Code Vein DLC items.

Code Vein DLC Items

If you were one of the lucky ones who pre-ordered the game, some gifts are waiting for you to receive them. It is very easy to equip the items, just follow the simple steps.

Go to the Home Base in the Ruined City Underground. You need to interact with Louis and then watch for the cutscene to end. Once done, talk to the merchants and they will show you your items.

  • GE Weapon Collaboration: Purchasable from Murasame under the Buy > Buy Weapons option. Includes Blanched Greatsword, Cerulean Spear, and Crimson Longsword.
  • Blood Veil Ogre: Venous Claw: The item is purchasable from Murasame under the Buy > Buy Blood Veil option. The Veil you are looking for is called Venous Claw.
  • Reserved Bloodkin Set: Grab this from the basement, it’s called the Harbinger and the desperate burst gift.

You will also find Bonus Cosmetic items and Communication stamps.

Deluxe Edition Items

The Deluxe Edition of the game comes with several benefits including, the season pass along with the base game.

Once you finish the first area of the game, Ruined City Underground, you will be heading to your Home Base to collect the following items:

  • Mia Costume: You will get the Mia White Angel costume with the Deluxe pre-order.
  • Blood Codes: Again, in the basement, you can get your hands on the Astrea blood code.
  • Gifts: The gifts include Torchbearer, Gift Extension, Lightning Spike, and Guardian Aid.
  • Additional DLC: Abyss of Ice, Abyss of Thunder, and Abyss of Fire.
  • Accessory Set – Insatiable Bloodthirst: These are cool accessories to customize your character with and can be used at the creation menu either during the start of the game or if you use the bathtub. The accessories particular to this set are in the Purifier Mask and Accessories tab. Stuff included are items for the Head, Jewelry, and Gloves. In particular, you can get the “demonic wings”

Code Vein DLC Expansions

There are three expansions for Code Vein with new areas that you can unlock depending on which DLC you have installed. Below is a list of the expansions in Code Vein along with the map locations for each of them.

Lord of Thunder

A new area called Eternal Abyss has been unlocked in the depths. You can get the map for this DLC from a room in the hallway behind the Spire boss area.

Frozen Empress

A new area called Celestial Ice Prison has been unlocked in the depths. You can get the map for this DLC from a room in the hallway behind the Spire boss area.

Hellfire Knight

A new area called Fiery Oblivion has been unlocked in the depths. You can get the map for this DLC from a room in the hallway behind the Spire boss area.

Now that you’ve learned about the expansion areas, let’s take a look at how you can start and access them.

How to Access all DLC Expansions in Code Vein

All of the DLC’s can be found at the same place which is the upper level of Crypt Spire. This is the area where you will fight two bosses as well. Just go all the way to the end and you will see steps on your right side.

Get downstairs and you will find a new door. You will be able to open up the door if you have DLC’s installed. Just open the door move forward you will find all the DLC’s in the room.

Two of them will be on the right side, and the third will be on the left. Now, remember that these are like the depths map and for access, you have to go back to the Home Base and Talk to Davis.

Now you can see all the maps with different colors, and you can access them as well.