How To Get Horn Bow in Elden Ring

You can get the Horn Bow in Elden Ring in Siofra River region. You will have to look for a dead body that has this bow.

A bow crafted by the master hunters from the horn of an animal, Horn Bow has the ability to imbue magic on the arrows shot with it. This ranged weapon in Elden Ring also amplifies the damaging power of magical arrows and belongs to the normal bows category in Elden Ring.

Finding Horn Bow is a difficult task as it is well hidden inside a secret area of the game. But there is nothing to worry about as we will be guiding you on how to find this weapon and use it efficiently in Elden Ring.

Where to get Horn Bow in Elden Ring?

Horn Bow can only be looted from a dead body present in the Sifora River region. This bow can’t be obtained otherwise (from bosses or merchants). Sifora River Well is in the eastern region of Limgrave, Mistwood Forest. The exact location of the well is to the East of Minor Erdtree. Use this well to enter the Sifora River.

From the first site of grace in this region, called Sifora Riverbank, turn right to come across a bridge. This bridge leads to Hallowhorn Grounds. Instead of going on the bridge, go to its left side and drop down the ledge. From there, make the jump to reach the platform below the bridge. There is a dead body on the far side of the platform. Interact with it to obtain Horn Bow.

Horn Bow Stats and Requirements in Elden Ring, Is it Good?

Horn Bow is basically a Strength-based weapon in Elden Ring which also deals a good amount of magical damage due to its reliance on Intelligence stat. Players need 10 points in Strength Stat, 14 points in Dexterity Stat, and 12 points in Intelligence stat to equip Horn Bow and use it properly.

Horn Bow scales with Strength (E scaling), Dexterity (D scaling), and Intelligence (E scaling). Horn Bow weighs only 4.5, making it one of the best-ranged weapons in the game (with the rest of the stats combined).

Stat NameAttackGuard

Horn Bow can be upgraded with the help of Smithing Stones up to level 25. At this max level, Horn Bow’s physical damage increases to 159 and magical damage to 73. Strength Stat scaling also improves from E to D at max level.

Horn Bow Unique Skill and Builds in Elden Ring

Mighty Shot is the unique weapon skill that is associated with the Horn Bow. This skill costs 6 FP per shot and allows players to fire a powerful arrow that has enhanced Penetrating Power.

Horn Bow can be infused with many Ashes of War, making it extremely desirable for the builds we will be discussing later. A lot of magic items and consumables can also be applied to this weapon, and it gets buffed with the help of magic enhancements.

Horn Bow can be sold for 100 runes to the merchants. Due to its unique ability to get high magic damage output with buffs, we will be using it to create the following builds.

  • Jumpscare Archer; This build requires Horn Bow to be infused with Enchanted Shot ash of war. Dwelling Arrows are a must to increase the magic damage output. Concealing Veil Talisman to hide and use any buffs that enhance magic attack’s damage output.
  • Rogier’s Mimic; For this build we need Spellblade armor set (Rogier’s armor), Arrow’s Reach Talisman, Shard of Alexander Talisman, Enchanted Shot ash of war and Dwelling Arrows. Any enhancement that increases magic attacks’ damage is a bonus.
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