Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks Locations Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks locations Guide will help you and guide you on where to find these Tallnecks and how to climb them so you can override them.

There are five Tallnecks in Horizon Zero Dawn that you will find in the game’s world. Climbing them and overriding them in necessary as it not only gives you XP but also lifts the fog from a certain area of the map revealing useful locations.

Our Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks Locations Guide will help you and guide you on where to find these Tallnecks and how to climb them so you can override them to reveal useful locations.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks Locations Guide

All Tallnecks walk in a specific pattern around a specific structure, all you have to do is climb them and override them to reveal the specific area in the game. However, you can’t climb its legs, so you will have to wait at a nearby structure and climb it.

Devil’s Thirst
The first Tallneck you will probably encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn will be at Devil’s Thirst. You will find it north of the Main Embrace Gate. At the center of this Tallneck’s pattern, there will be ruined building.

Jus head inside the structure and you will find a climbable wall. Climb to the platform and wait for the Tallneck to pass and then jump on its back. Now all you have to do is climb the Tallneck and override it.

Climbing this Tallneck will be a bit tricky since it is near a bandit camp and luckily bandits are the only ones you will have to take care of to climb this Tallneck in Horizon Zero Dawn. Make your way to one of the wooden structures around the perimeter and jump on.

It is important that you take out any bandit overlooking this area. Wait for the Tallneck to walk by and jump on it and after you override it, fast travel out of there.

Like the previous one, this Tallneck is also a bit tricky to climb specifically if you are trying to get to it using stealth. There is a large cliff in the center of its walking circle and there will be ledges for you to climb at the top of the cliff.

Also, there will be Longlegs waiting for you at the top. However, there will be tall grass a the top so stay hidden in it. If you have unlocked the override ability just override these Longlegs and wait for the Tallneck to pass by and then jump on it.

You will find this Tallneck in Horizon Zero Dawn east of Meridian and just next to the Gatelands Bandit Camp. This tallneck has a group of machines guarding it including Sawtooths, Fire Bellowbacks, and Watchers.

Stealth is the best approach here, and the Tallneck walks in a circle around two large rock structures. Once you are out if the trenches and on the rocks, most of the machines will not bother you but be careful just in case. All you have to do now is jump on the Tallneck.

Copper Deeps
In Horizon Zero Dawn this Tallneck can be found in the southwest part of the map just slightly southeast of Meridian. This Tallneck will be walking around in the water and there will be Snapmaws.

Furthermore, there will be a bunch of Glinthawks on the cliff nearby that you will have to climb. Take them out before you try to climb the Tallneck. Once they ae out of the icture just climb the Tallneck an override it.

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