Horizon Zero Dawn Shell Walkers Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Shell-Walkers Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about finding Shell-Walkers’s weaknesses with tips to defeat it.

Shell Walkers are crab-like robots scattered around the world of Horizon Zero Dawn which Aloy will encounter and fight. Despite their giant multiple legs, they are pretty slow-moving so taking them on shouldn’t be much of a problem.

This Horizon Zero Dawn Shell-Walker guide will help players take down these robo crabs with relative ease and make sure that players manage to get the loot crate on their backs.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Shell Walkers

Despite their slow speed, the Shell Walker can be troublesome if players aren’t very careful since they not only have good defense but can also dish out a fair amount of damage.

Their main weapon is a Lightning Gun but they can also charge towards the player after turning on their Shield.

Players can shoot the crate holders on their back to make them drop the loot crates but the Shell-Walkers will try to put those crates back up so players need to make sure these robots don’t get the chance to take back what was stolen from them.

Whenever it tries to pick up the cargo, players should shoot at it to divert attention to themselves. However, since the cargo can be destroyed, they should be extremely careful where they aim their arrows.

The best way to deal with a Shell-walker is to stay at its back and keep shooting the crates. If players are quick on their feet, they should be able to avoid any damage and not give the robot any time to face the player.

For those who don’t just want the loot crates and are up for a challenge, they can go head to head with the enemy and try to kill it with various tools at their disposal. Teardown Arrows shot into the Cargo Holder will detach the crates.

To deal damage, a Trip Wire can be placed and once the robot walks over it, the power generator on its belly will be destroyed thus disabling the Lightning Gun and the shield.

Once the Horizon Zero Dawn Shell-Walker is dead, players are free to loot all the crates that were dropped during the fight.

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