Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Weapons Guide

Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Weapons Guide details all the new weapons featured in The Frozen Wilds DLC of Horizon: Zero Dawn and how to get them.

In this Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Weapons Guide, we guide you on all the new weapons added to the game Horizon: Zero Dawn in the new DLC Frozen Wilds.

The Frozen Wilds adds a number of new lethal and powerful weapons for you to use against the deadly machines that roam the planet.

We have curated this Frozen Wilds Weapons Guide so that we can give an insight into all these new weapons and how you can use them more effectively against the machines.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Weapons

Frozen Wilds adds six new weapons for you to collect, customize, and use against the machines. Out of these, three weapons are quest bound and you will earn them automatically when you complete a Quest. Remaining three can be bought by merchants at any point in the game using Bluegleam, which is a DLC exclusive resource. Let us look at these new weapons.

Banuk Stormslinger

You will acquire the Banuk Stormslinger when you complete the quest Shaman’s Path. It features short range and it can be upgraded to make it pack even more punch, however, it still suffers when it comes to range. As you keep on firing, every consecutive bolt has more damage than the last one.

It can also be overcharged for a damage boost but you will end up getting Shock Damage. It has 70 handling and it can be modified as well to one slot. The ammo it uses does 340 Impact Damage and 23 Shock Damage.


Complete the quest Stone Yield and you will receive this weapon as a reward. It is also a short-range weapon and it fires a deadly flame stream at your enemies. It is excellent against enemies who are weak against fire.

Forgefire features a secondary attack, which is called Fire Buster. These are charged shots and they deal fire damage along with normal impact damage to the enemy.

It has 70 handling and it allows you to modify either one slot or two slots depending on the modification you want. The ammo does 113 Fire Damage in the Normal Attack, 720 Impact, and 150 Fire Damage in secondary fire mode.


Complete the mission For the Werak to add this weapon to your arsenal. Just like the name suggests, it fires ice at the enemies for frost damage. It also has short range and features a secondary fire mode as well. It is highly effective against enemies who are weak against ice damage.

The secondary charged attack features high impact damage as well as frost damage. It does 200 Impact Damage and 75 Frost Damage. The normal fire mode has a Frost Damage rating of 113. It can be modified to one slot or two slots and its handling is rated at 70 as well.

Banuk Powershot Bow

Banuk Powershot can be bought by the merchants scattered around Cut anytime you want. It is a standard attack bow and you can charge attacks for a more powerful punch. It will cost you 14 Bluegleam and it features three modification slots. Its handling is rated at 20.

Banuk Striker Bow

Banuk Striker Bow can be purchased by any vendor in the Cut as well. It is also a standard bow feature normal damage and more high impact charged shots. It features decent handling rated at 80 and allows modifications up to three slots. The cost of Banuk Striker Bow is 16 Bluegleam.

Banuk Champion Bow

Can be bought by any Banuk merchant in the Cut. This is a war bow and its charged attack deals massive damage to enemies. It will cost you 12 Bluegleam and it also can be Modded up to three slots. Its handling is rated at 50.

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