Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Bluegleam Farming Guide

Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Bluegleam Farming Guide to help you learn a few different ways using which you should be able to farm some easy Bluegleam.

This Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Bluegleam Farming Guide will tell you where to quickly find Bluegleam so you can use it to purchase whatever it is that you desire.

Bluegleam is the new currency that has been introduced with the Frozen Wilds DLC. This is only found in the DLC and can be used to buy stuff from Banuk merchants and purchase outfits.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Bluegleam Farming

Quest Rewards

You can get these rewards for completing the various quests across the Frozen Wilds.

  • Firebreak – 3 Bluegleam
  • The Survivor – 3 Bluegleam
  • Waterlogged – 3 Bluegleam
  • A Secret Shared – 1 Bluegleam found in the Drone Hanger in a dungeon
  • The Hunters Three – 3 Bluegleam, 1 Bluegleam can be found at the lake during the third encounter
  • The Forge of Winter – 7 Bluegleam
  • Trading Animal Figurines – 1 Bluegleam for each Reward Box
  • Shaman’s Path – 1 Bluegleam found on Ground during Control Tower Destruction, 6 upon Completion

Bluegleam Farming Locations

You can find Bluegleam by purchasing a Bluegleam map and travel to the areas to find it. Also, you will have to press on the left analog stick in order to observe your surroundings. This will allow you to see any Bluegleam sources present nearby.

Another thing about finding the Bluegleam sources is that these always show up in groups or pairs, which means that if you find a machine corpse holding the rare currency, you should expect more of these nearby

You can also find Bluegleam by purchasing a Bluegleam map and travel to the areas to find it. You can also use this guide, which details how to find Bluegleam without any map.

Bluegleam Location #1
Travel North East at Song’s Edge to find a bonfire. Now climb the rise to the southwest to find the formations.

Bluegleam Location #2
Work your way to the formations, which are found West of Song’s Edge by using a path, which approaches them from the South.

Bluegleam Location #3
Travel North East from Song’s Edge towards the Banuk merchant. Here you can find one formation in a cave beneath, one on a ridge to the southeast of the big bonfire and one to the east of the bonfire. They should be easily visible.

Bluegleam Location #4
Head to the bonfire East of Deep Din and go north to spot the climbing handholds. Here you can find four formations along the higher ledge of the handholds.

Bluegleam Location #5
Three formations are found to the north side of Deep Dim. You will also find them during the Waterlogged quest.

Bluegleam Location #6
Head northwest from Deep Dim and climb up the mountains to find five formations of Bluegleam.

Bluegleam Location #7
Head northeast from the caves at the start of Shaman’s Path, hug the mountain wall and find the formation.

Bluegleam Location #8
This is found on the half way line of Shaman’s Path. Cross the first bridge and step to the East cliff when you see the zipline of the second tipping bridge. Here you will find the formation.

Bluegleam Location #9
Go southwest from the hunting grounds and head west when you get to the bonfire. Here you can find a formation on a ridge near the Banuk tent and the second formation can be found north of it.

Bluegleam Location #10
Get to the Charger Site west of the Hunting Grounds and go north from it to find the formation.

Bluegleam Location #11
Two formations can be found to the North of the Hunting Grounds. Drop down to the arena and head west while hugging the mountains. Now hop onto the peaks and find the formations near each other

Bluegleam Location #12
Formation is to the west of the Drone Hangar. You can also find this during A Secret Shared sidequest.

Bluegleam Location #13
Start at the Hunting Grounds and go southeast to the bonfire. Now head west to find the formation.

Bluegleam Location #14
Go to Enjuk in the visitor center. There is one formation to the West.

Bluegleam Location #15
Start at Longnotch, go west and find formations to the west and southeast.

Bluegleam Location #16
Get to Longnotch, now get to the bonfire South West of it and go east to find two formations.

Bluegleam Location #17
Go to southwest of Longnotch and head eastwards. Here, you will run into two Bluegleam Formations laying on the ground.

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