Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Side Quests Guide

Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Side Quests Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about completing all the Optional Missions in HZD.

In this Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Side Quests Guide, we will guide you on how to complete the side quests added in the new Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The Frozen Wilds DLC new side quests that you can complete if you want a breather from the main story. We have curated this Frozen Wilds Side Quests Guide for you so that you can easily complete all the side quests easily.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds Side Quests

We have detailed each side quest with a thorough walkthrough so that you can clear all objectives for that specific side quest easily.

The Shamans Path

You can start this side quest by talking with the man at the Song’s End. He will direct you to Naltuk. Get to Naltuk and he will assign you to destroy or capture some control towers.

It is up to you how you handle the towers. After you are done, some robots will attack you. Take them out and return to Naltuk.


He will now direct you towards the Shaman Path. Get there and climb the rocks and follow the lights of the beacons until you reach the wind chimes.

Follow the wind chimes to the next marker until you are out and climb some more.

Once you arrive at the control tower, destroy it or capture it and continue the climb. When you reach the bunker type room, use your vision to reveal the waypoint.

Solve the small puzzle there by taking it away from the red area which causes every other light to group in the center.

Once the puzzle is solved, continue the climb to finally arrive at the top. Here you will face another puzzle similar to the last one. Solve the puzzle and you will complete the side quest successfully.


You can start this quest by talking with a woman on Song’s End. She will ask you to investigate a mysterious flood as she has lost her drum and her village.

Head towards the waypoint and kill the robot crocodiles there. Aloy suggests you check upriver so follow the river and continue with the mission until you arrive at the ancient ruins known as the Greycatch.

This place is your dam. Use your vision to find the trapped man and help him get free, talk to him and trigger the next part of the mission.

Now you need to assist him in some valve turning. When he reaches his first valve, you should climb the ladder and keep heading until you see a valve inside a tunnel. Turn the valve and continue ahead towards the next valve.

This area requires good platforming skills. Continue ahead the path and keep turning the valve. You also need to help the person counterweight the valve so it can be turned.

Once all the valves are turned, the water level will lower to reveal a Robot Crocodile. Kill it and get the ring. Once you have the ring, head back to the command post and put the ring there.

Use your vision to rotate the rings in the right manner which is: left, up, down, up and right. Once done, take the supplies and the Power cell and reset the dam. This will cause the water to be drained out of the dam. You can now head down for another puzzle or simply head back to the woman to complete your quest.

A Secret Shared

This is simply an upgrade hunt side quest. Find the man close to the Song’s End who will give you a quest to find a good upgrade for your spear. Head to the waypoint to find the upgrade.

The Hunters Three

You can start this quest in Song’s End. Keep in mind that this quest is only accessible after you’ve completed the Shaman’s Path quest.

Speak with Burgrend and he will task you with completing three hunts after finding three hunters in the area. You need to find each hunter and they will ask for your help in hunting their targets. Help them defeat their targets and make sure they are not dead at the end of the hunt.

Complete each of the three hunts and return to Burgrend to complete the quest. During these hunts, you will come across towers so you need to make sure that you take out the towers as soon as possible to make the hunts easier.

The first hunt is a Fire Beast and its recommended that you have the fire resist potions and set up electric and explosions traps. They are found at the control tower and fighting them there is a bad move since they heal in the tower’s radius. So, attract them towards you and get them away from the tower.

The second hunt are Stalkers. Let the other hunters distract the Stalkers and go from behind and towards the tower. Take over the tower and take the Stalkers down. Pick up the supplies and the items and interact with the Hunter to get the last hunt.

For the last hunt, let the AI take care of the adversary and go into the river leading you towards the tower. Disable both of them and help kill the adversaries; especially the crocodile near the second tower.

Once the hunt is over return to  Burgrend and claim your reward.

The Survivor

This is a simple rescue quest. Find the missing hunters, kill the enemies in the area and return to the quest giver to complete the quest. At the end, choose ‘By Your Laws, she succeeded’ and the hunter can join the tribe.

For the Werak

This quest is unlocked after finishing The Shaman’s Path. To complete this quest, you need to complete some simple tasks. First one is to reactivate the tall strider by finding some missing parts. Just find each and every part for the beats and recover it.

Locations are marked, you just need to go and find them. For your second task, you need to complete a hunting challenge by earning a rank.

It can be even done without killing all of the enemies. You are required to clear a bandit camp after this. The location is marked on the map. Stick to stealth and you will be fine.

The next objectives are optional and you only need to complete a certain amount of progress with the story. In Song’ End, talk with the NPC and he will task you with a race challenge.

Start climbing, beat the record of another player and fight the three robot beers at the end. Once you are have defeated them, beat the quest and you will be done with this side quest.

Frontier Justice

Start the quest in Song’s End after completing ‘For the Werak’. Get to the waypoint, speak with the woman about the body and then use your vision to scan the purple light near a tree.

Follow the tracks, which will lead you out of the trees and into a cave. Kill the humans inside and use your scanning tool to find more tracks. Collect the gear near the yellow rope and then start climbing up.

Fight the flying enemies along the way and you will soon reach the top. On the top you will find a naked man behind a rock. Interact with him and then fight the robots with his aid. Kill all enemies and then head back to quest giver to complete the quest.


This quest is the final mission of the main line of side quests for Frozen Wilds. You need to head to Longnotch to start this quest. Find Aratek to start and then head to Ourea in the North East.

Continue through the large building, basically a fortress. You will have to navigate up and down to continue through and then at the end there is a fight with some enemies. When you get the route option, pick right up the stairs and sneak past the enemies.

When you need to override the door, some enemies will appear. Take them out specifically the Thunderjaw. Use your Tearblast and Fire Arrows to take it down its weapons and afterwards keep rolling till the drones stop aiming at you.

Once you kill all the enemies and the door is open. Enter the door and the quest is complete.

The Forge of Winter

As you enter through the door, this quest will start at the end of Firebreak. Solve the mini-puzzles that await you in the next room. Avoid the traps as well.

As you progress, the area will start getting more and more difficult. Your best option here is to ignore the enemies and keep your focus on completing the objectives so that your allies can cross the bridges and help you fight the enemies.

Once they are in, simply run in the door and continue forward until you encounter some more puzzles. Solve the puzzles and override the tower to start the final battle with a Fireclaw.

Your main weapon here is the Icethrower. Use it to take down the main firing arsenal by shooting at its stomach.

Use fire resistance gear and potions for maximum defense against them. Make sure you keep disabling the ever-spawning Towers to defeat the Fireclaw quickly. Defeating the fireclaw will complete the quest.

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