Horizon Forbidden West The Way Home Walkthrough

"The Way Home" is the last side quest that you can complete in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy will have to...

“The Way Home” is the last side quest that you can complete in Horizon Forbidden West.

Aloy will have to scour shipwrecks around the island to gather parts for a couple of Quen navigators so that they can repair their navigational instruments.

The Way Home side quest offers a legendary weapon as a reward in the end. The following walkthrough will tell you how to complete all of its objectives.

How To Unlock The Way Home

The Way Home side quest will become accessible once you have fully completed the main “Wings of the Ten” questline in the game. You also need to be at least level 32 to survive the dangers of this quest.

Once ready, make your way to Legacy’s Landfall and speak with Harriem and Kristia, the two Quen navigators who need your help. They will explain their situation and what they require to head back home. That will begin your side quest.

How To Complete The Way Home

Head over to the east of Legacy’s Fall to find a shipwreck. There are a few machines patrolling the area and while you can take them down fairly easily, it is best to avoid them and just scan the shipwreck using your Focus mode to look for the gyrocompass.

Unfortunately, the item is no longer there and you must now search for it at the nearby scrap piles on the island. Again, you’ll come across a bunch of machines such as Snapmaws and Frost Glinthawks. However, it’s recommended not to engage in a fight.

There are not more than five piles of scarp on the island but the one you’ll be looking for has a purple icon atop it, which is found beneath the broken platform near the ship.

Once the gyrocompass is collected, take it back to Harriem and Kristia. You’ll get a new objective to have the item fixed by finding three new batteries and a sensor unit.

Head over to the southeast of Legacy’s Fall in search of the items. The first battery is found on the ocean floor near the sunken ship.

The second battery is found in a pile of coral below the antenna while the last battery is found inside the broken parts of the ship southeast where you found the antenna at.

As for the antenna needed for the sensor unit, search for it near the top of the ship. However, instead, you’ll come across the coordination to another shipwreck. Follow the coordinates to the north of the island and defeat Dreadwing to acquire the antenna.

Dreadwing is one of the many Combat machines you’ll come across in Horizon Forbidden West. This machine may have several components ranging from Glowblast Canisters to its Acid Canisters. However to keep the quest short, simply use Spike Throwers during the fight to deal tremendous amounts of damage to the machine till it’s defeated.

Upon defeating the machine, collect the sensor unit and head back to the location of the antenna, listen to another recording and head back to Harriem and Kristia and present them with the parts they needed to end the quest.

The Way Home Side Quest Rewards

Once you’ve completed the Way Home side quest, you’ll get rewarded with 10400 XP, 2 Skill Points, and a Skykiller.

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