Horizon Forbidden West Dreadwing Location Guide

So you're looking to track down a Dreadwing in Horizon Forbidden West for the thrill of the hunt and the...

So you’re looking to track down a Dreadwing in Horizon Forbidden West for the thrill of the hunt and the impending rewards? The following guide will show you how.

Horizon Forbidden West Dreadwing Location

There are two possible locations where you can find a Dreadwing out of which one location guarantees an Apex Dreadwing and the other one has chances but does not guarantee.

The second spot is located towards the east of the GAIA Base. In order to reach the location, you will need to head south from the mountains where the GAIA Base is located. Keep going towards the north and you will reach the site where these machines spawn. This spot is located towards the North of LATOPOLIS and South of Shadow’s Reach.

If you want to farm parts from these deadly machines, you will first need to take down the bat that is in this area and then return later to farm parts.

How to Defeat Dreadwing?

Dreadwing has the ability to go invisible and fire acid at players. It is vulnerable to fire elemental attacks but resistant to shock, cold, and acid.

Players who are having difficulty fighting it in the air can still fire shock arrows to stun it and cause it to fall to the ground. Use this opportunity to run up and land a critical attack, or to knock off the Stealth Generator in its tail and Metalbite Sac beneath its neck, preventing it from using its powers.

HFW Apex Dreadwing Location

Unlike the normal variant of the deserts, the Apex Dreadwing can be found in the snowy mountains of Horizon Forbidden West. Make sure to have the Sunwing mount to ensure an easier search.

This spot is located towards the West of the Snowy Mountains and to reach there you will need to go in the southward direction from the Graypeak Survey Drone in the blocked-off portion.

Once you reach the cliff you can either climb up or use the ability to fly if you have it unlocked. Be careful as there will be a Stormwing and a Dreadwing.

Furthermore, there are occasional cases where players do not see the Apex Dreadwing spawning at this position. To solve this, increase the file’s complexity and wait until dark to give it the best chance of rising from hiding.

How to Defeat Apex Dreadwing

Apex Dreadwing has a level of about 40. It is vulnerable to plasma but resistant to pyro, purge water, and ice. Other than that, the fight will follow the same techniques as it did against the conventional Dreadwing. Just keep an eye out for its more powerful strike and long-range lightning blast.

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