How to Get All Legendary Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

The following guide will explain where and how to get all legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Get All Legendary Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

There are a total of nine legendary weapons to find and wield in Horizon Forbidden West. The list below is regardless of the order in which to collect them.

Ancestor’s Return (Legendary Shredder Gauntlet)

The legendary Shredder Gauntlet is highly useful against a range of machines, but does require a lot of practice and skill to use effectively.

How to Get

Players need to complete all the Relic Ruins to collect most of the Ornaments. Once the ornaments are collected, they need to reach Hidden Ember and talk to Stemmur. Give the Ornaments to him and he will guide you to a chest with rewards. The chest includes Ancestor’s Return among other rewards as well.

The Blast Forge (Legendary Boltblaster)

The legendary Boltblaster can break through armor to do huge amounts of damage. You should freeze the machine first and upgrade it to get most out of this weapon.

How to Get

First, complete the main quest, The Kulrut, to unlock Arena. Now, take part in the Arena Challenges by completing another quest, Opening the Arena. You can get this quest by talking to Kalla. By completing the Arena Challenges, you can earn Arena Medals. You need to collect 80 Arena Medals to purchase The Blast Forge from Dukkah in The Maw of Arena.

Carja’s Bane (Legendary Warrior Bow)

Carja’s Bane is an extremely powerful bow for players to take out enemies at range. Getting the bow though can prove to be a bit difficult compared to some of the other legendary weapons in the game.

How to Get

To collect this legendary weapon, you need to be successful in all four Gauntlet Runs. Once one emerges victorious in last Gauntlet run, Carja’s Bane can be found as a reward inside a chest found at the end of race.

Death-Seeker’s Shadow (Legendary Hunter Bow)

Death-Seeker’s Shadow works well with low-grade, cheap arrows. It is an essential companion of any player who is interested in picking up a bow.

How to Get

Same as with the other weapon from the Arena, complete the Arena Challenges by speaking with Kalla to earn Arena Medals. You need to collect 80 Arena Medals to purchase Death-Seeker’s Shadow from Dukkah in The Maw.

Forgefall (Legendary Sharpshot Bow)

This legendary bow can be a bit slow in terms of attack speed but does more damage compared to the other legendary bows in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Get

Unlock the Arena and then complete all Arena Challenges. Collect a total of 80 Arena Medals to purchase the Forgefall bow from Dukkah, who can be found at the Maw of Arena.

The Skykiller (Legendary Spike Thrower)

The Skykiller shreds through machines. You can combine it with your Splitting Spike skill and Valor Surge Powershots to deal a lot of damage.

How to Get

Help Harriem and Kristia to complete a side quest called The Way Home. Once you complete the side quest, this legendary weapon will be given to you as a reward.

The Sun Scourge (Legendary Hunter Bow)

The Sun Scourge proves to be most effective against both small and medium machines in the game as long as players are using the appropriate arrows such as Advanced Acid Hunter.

How to Get

You can get this weapon by killing and looting Asera. You will be encountering her in the last Rebel Camp First Forge which unlocks after completing the first five Rebel Camps.

Tinker’s Pride (Legendary Tripcaster)

Tinker’s Pride uses explosive wires and other elements to cause damage. You can also use a shield to protect yourself, but you cannot shoot through the shield.

How to Get

To get this weapon, you need to visit all four Hunting Grounds and complete 3 challenges in each of them. You need to earn all the medals by getting Full Stripes in each of the challenges.

Wings of the Ten (Legendary Blastsling)

This legendary weapon is effective against small and medium machines. Try using advanced and adhesive bombs to get the most out of this weapon. Players should freeze the machine before using a bomb.

How to Get

First, collect all 12 Black boxes and give them to Untalla at Memorial Grove. Once you hand over the Black Boxes to her, you will earn Wings of Ten as a reward.

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