Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drone Locations Guide

Horizon Forbidden West has a number of survey drones flying across its skies that need to be tracked, brought down, and salvaged—in that exact order. The following Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drone Locations guide makes sure to mark the locations of each survey drone in the game.

How To Catch Survey Drones In Horizon Forbidden West

Every survey drone can be caught the same way. You start by finding the survey drone location. Once there, use your Focus mode to ping the survey drone. Then scan the drone to reveal its flight path.

You must now follow the flight path to find an area or location from where to jump over the survey drone as it passes you. This will require much patience.

That being said, at the end of the game, you get to unlock the Sunwing mount which allows you to fly. That will make the job of catching survey drones much easier.

Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drone Locations

Much like most of the other collectibles in HFW, collecting the modules of all of the survey drones will earn players a reward at the end. That reward will be a unique collectible for the room at the base.

There are a total of 10 Survey drones in HFW which can be found in the following locations:

  • No Man’s Land
  • Plainsong
  • The Dry Yearn
  • The Greenswell
  • The Stillsands
  • Thornmash
  • The Graypeak
  • Stand of the Sentinels
  • The Sheerside Mountains
  • Isle of Spires

Survey Drone: No Man’s Land Land (Module 024)

This survey drone can be located in the drylands on the eastern side of the map, near the Thunderjaw Site. Climb to the summit of the tallest peak and then leap on the survey drone.

Survey Drone: Plainsong (Module 047)

Plainsong, in the northeast, is where you’ll find this Survey drone. From the surrounding ruins and rocks, you can jump onto it.

Survey Drone: The Dry Yearn (Module 143)

This Horizon Forbidden West survey drone can be found along the trail heading to the central-northern region of the map to the west of Plainsong. On a hill, there is a metal ramp that you can jump onto.

Survey Drone: The Greenswell (Module 287)

Another drone can be found just north of the last one, directly on the map’s boundary. To go to this one, you’ll need a flying mount, which is obtained during the main adventure.

Survey Drone: The Stillsands (Module 367)

This survey drone can be found hovering above the tower ruins in the south of the map, in the Stillsands sector. To get to the drone, you’ll need to climb up.

Survey Drone: Thornmash (Module 549)

This survey drone can be found on the shore in the extreme west of the map. Fly to the shattered tree with a flying mount which you’ll receive later in the game. Jump off and drag yourself to the tree with your Grappleshot. You can now proceed to the sixth Horizon Forbidden West survey drone location and complete it.

Survey Drone: The Graypeak (Module 678)

The next survey drone can be found at Graypeak, which is located in the southern region of the map’s snowy mountains. Climb to the top of the hill to the north and use your Shieldwing to glide. You can also jump onto it from the rock.

Survey Drone: Stand of the Sentinels (Module 398)

This survey drone can be spotted among the woods along the beach, slightly west of the last one. Climb up a fallen tree to reach the platforms in the trees, then use your Shieldwing to jump onto the drone and capture its module.

Survey Drone: The Sheerside Mountains (Module 739)

The ninth survey drone can be located in the northwestern part of the map, near the snowy mountains. When the drone reaches a low point in its journey, utilize the wooden ramp and Shieldwing to jump onto it.

Survey Drone: Isle of Spires (Module 863)

On the island in the extreme west of the map, the final Horizon Forbidden West survey drone will be found. It’s easy to jump onto the yellow pole at the top of the island’s tallest building.

Survey Drone Rewards

These survey drones can be used to see some scenic views with the best visual effect. This can only be done when the players visit a room containing GAIA.

You should go to the left side of the room where you will use the device to control any of the drones you have collected. You will even be able to change the background of the area according to the drones and each drone will show a different result.

In summary, you only unlock cosmetic sceneries for GAIA’s room.

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