Horizon Forbidden West Reap and Clear Challenge Guide

Practice makes perfect, and what better way to hone your combat skills with some good old-fashioned challenges. Horizon Forbidden West gives you a chance to learn and practice new skills through Melee Pits. This guide will look at how to successfully do the Reap and Clear Challenge in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where to Find the Horizon Forbidden West Reap and Clear Challenge

Melee Pits are an efficient way of learning new skills and practicing your combat. These are challenges that you can accept to train your skills. You can only take your spear and a practice arrow in the pit when you accept the challenge.

Reap and Clear challenge in HFW is part of Thornmarsh Melee Pit. It can be found at the indicated location on the map.

How to Complete Reap and Clear Challenge

Reap and Clear challenge is the second part of the Thornmarsh Melee Pit Challenge. In order to unlock this challenge, travel to the required location, and there you will find The Pit Master – Tenallo. Talk to Tenallo to unlock this challenge.

Completing the challenge is pretty straightforward. You will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to complete this challenge. This challenge mainly focuses on Aloy’s Spinning Scythe Move.

A quick way to easily complete this challenge is by performing the Spinning Scythe Move by pressing R1 twice, pausing a second, and then pressing R1 twice.

At the last strike of the Scythe move, keep holding R1 to transition into Halfmoon Slash. Finally, release R1, push forward, and hold R2 to perform the Jump-Over Technique.

This is how you can nail The Reap and Clear challenge every time in Horizon Forbidden West. Completing all Thornmarsh Pit Challenges unlocks the Pit Master Challenge in Horizon Forbidden West.

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