Horizon Forbidden West Melee Pit Challenges Guide

The following Horizon Forbidden West Melee Pit Challenges guide will show you how to do that in Horizon Forbidden West.

Melee Pit Challenges are basically a series of short combat moves that Aloy must perform in a certain way during a given time. The following Horizon Forbidden West Melee Pit Challenges guide will show you how to do that in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Melee Pit Challenges

There are 15 challenges spread over four Melee Pits in HFW where each Pit has between three and five tasks for Aloy to finish. Once the tasks are done, Aloy must then defeat the Pit Master for each Pit.

You can track the Errand “The Enduring” to gain a waypoint to the melee master once you’ve beaten all four Pit Masters in HFW.

Melee Pit: Chainscrape

Challenge #1: Block Breaker
Unlock the Block Breaker skill in the Warrior skill tree and then perform the Block Breaker Combo by pressing R1, R2 and R3 repeatedly.

Challenge #2: Resonator Blast
Begin by hitting any enemy until your spear starts glowing blue. Perform a heavy attack with R2 and then switch to the bow to shoot the blue energy point on the enemy for a Resonator Blast.

Challenge #3: Pit Master Challenge
Just use the Block Breaker Combo from the first challenge to defeat the Pit Master.

Melee Pit: Scalding Spear

Challenge #4: Warrior’s Wrath
Strike the enemy several times R1, R1, R1, R2 before executing any big attack (R2). When your opponent’s eyes become blue, it’s time to draw your bow and shot them directly between the eyes.

Challenge #5: Aerial Punisher
Shoot the blue glowing part of an enemy by pressing R1, R2 with a bow.

Challenge #6: Pit Master Challenge
Simply spam R1, R2, and R3 to defeat the Pit Master.

Melee Pit: The Bulwark

Challenge #7: Jump-Off and Shoot
Start by dodging an enemy attack. Follow with a combo with R1 and then hold R2 before aiming with your bow with L2 and shooting the enemy with R2.

Take note that shooting the enemy in mid-air is not a requirement. You can just as well land on the ground to quickly shoot the enemy for the challenge. You just need to be quick.

Challenge #8: Seek and Strike
Make a mild assault R1, then hold L while jumping above the opponent with R2. R2 may be used to strike the other opponent while leaping.

Challenge #9: Sustained Breaker
Hit the opponent with R1, R1, R2, then attack with R1 and instantly hold R2. This way, you’ll be able to jump up and smack your enemy with your bow.

Challenge #10: Pit Master Challenge
Defeat the two enemies using any means. The Block Breaker Combo from the first challenge, followed by your bow, is a good option.

Melee Pit: Thornmarsh

Challenge #11: Destroyer Chain
You must perform a powerful attack (R2), then combo your moves by pressing R1, pause, R1, R1, R1, R1, R1, and finally attack with your bow straight at your enemy.

Challenge #12: Reap and Clear
You can now attack the other opponent after a brief pause. Begin with the following sequence: R1, R1, pause, R1, R1. After that, press and hold R1, then let go and press and hold R2.

Challenge #13: Energy Surge Chain
Perform a rapid R1, R1, R1 combination, then wait one second and hit R1. Then strike while holding R1 and leap by pressing R2.

Challenge #14: Power Rush
Begin with a heavy assault R2, followed by an R1 heavy attack, then a rapid combination of R1, R1, R1, R2, and lastly a bow shot towards the target.

Challenge #15: Pit Master Challenge
Just like the previous Pit Master Challenge, you can use any means to defeat him.

The Enduring Location

After killing all four Melee Pit Masters, the final task is to locate and fight “The Enduring,” a Tenakth melee master.

You can follow the Errand “The Enduring,” which will lead you to a search area north of Scalding Spear on the map. You may find the Enduring by looking for a tent with black smoke rising from it.

Speak with the Enduring, then accompany her to the combat pit to win. This completes the side quest “The Enduring” and also unlocks the trophy “The Enduring.” Additionally, your Spear’s melee damage has increased.

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