How To Get Oseram Artificer Armor Set In Horizon Forbidden West

In this guide, we will tell you How you can get your hands on the Oseram Artificer Armor set in Horizon Forbidden West.

Oseram Artificer is a special legendary armor set that Aloy can wear and is one of the best available in Horizon Forbidden West. In this guide, we will tell you how you can get your hands on the Oseram Artificer Armor set in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Get Oseram Artificer Armor Set in Horizon Forbidden West

If you are looking to make Aloy strong enough for any challenge, getting your hands on the best armor in HFW is extremely essential. It so happens that by our calculation so far, the best armor set in Horizon Forbidden West happens to be the Oseram Artificer set.

Your journey to find the Oseram Artificer armor set starts outside the Barren Light where you meet a salvage contractor, Keruf.

Talk to Keruf

Keruf will tell you that he is looking to create the best armor in the world so he can win a competition.

Here he will assign you some of his own salvage contracts to complete his questline, but this is also the first phase of your way to the Oseram Artificer armor set. You can see the location of Keruf on the map given below:

Horizon Forbidden West Oseram Artificer Armor

After that, you have to fulfill the request of all other salvage contractors who are entering the competition as well.

Complete other Salvage Contracts

You are going to find four other salvage contractors in the Horizon Forbidden West, and you have to help them all so they can make their own armor sets.

You will find the first Salvage contractor to the southwest of Barren Light. The second will be to the northwest of Hidden Ember. The third is located east of Thornmarsh. The fourth and final Salvage contractor is northeast of Scalding Spear.

You have to visit all the contractors and complete their requests. Once done, you will move to the final part of Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited.

Final Part of Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited Questline

In the final part of Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited questline, you will get a surprise. In this, all the contractors who are competing with each other now decided to work together. Their goal is to form an ultimate armor set. Together they will create the Oseram Artificer set in the HFW. The best part is, they gift it to Aloy!

Oseram Artificer Armor Boost and Benefits

The Oseram Artificer armor in HFW is of legendary rarity and has some built-in buffs for the Aloy attacks. You can further upgrade it for customizing and making her resonator even stronger. You can also combine this with Overshield Valor Surge!

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