Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Armor Locations Guide

The following guide highlights all the different legendary armors players can find and wear in Horizon Forbidden West, their locations and what each of these legendary outfits offers.

Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Armor Locations

Legendary Outfits in HFW not only look cool but also provide amazing stat bonuses and skill upgrades. Below is a list and details of all the legendary armors in HFW

Tenakth Tactician

You must visit the Thornmarsh which is located in the southwest part of the game. Upon reaching the area, you must find Stitcher who will ask for something and in return, he will make you a new outfit.

You must offer 2000 Metal Shards, 1 thunderjaw circulator and 1 Apex Slitherfang Heart to fulfill his requirement. You must travel to different places in order to find these required things.

After collecting all the parts, you must go Stitcher and make a trade with him. It is good in the category of acid resistance (50) and frost resistance (37).

Utaru Winterweave

This is an outfit that can also be bought at Thornmarsh. Take note that this is a reskin of the base Utaru Hardweave.

The armor comes in red and is a great option for players looking to focus on stealth in the game. It performs best when upgraded with plasma (65) and shock resistance (56).

At level 5, which is the max level, you have to upgrade by using 2 Apex Fireclaw Heart, 1 Apex Slaughterspine Heart and 1500 worth of Metal Shards. It is the best outfit for players who prefer stealth over direct battle.

Nora Thunder Warrior

You can obtain this legendary outfit by first unlock The Arena. Once that is done, earn 54 Arena Medals to purchase Nora Thunder Warrior from the Prize Master in The Maw of the Arena.

Statistically, it increases +2 in concentration and +2 in stamina if fully upgraded. The best skills increase low health ranged, second chances and low health defense.

Tenakth Vanquisher

The Tenakth Vanquisher is another legendary armor which players can purchase from the Prize Master for the same 54 Arena Medals, at least once they unlock The Arena.

This armor can absorb a lot of damage and is particularly good with acid resistance (50) and frost resistance (37). Best for low profile (+2) and machine damage (+2).

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