Horizon Forbidden West Apex Slaughterspine Location Guide

The following guide will mark the location of the Apex Slaughterspine in Horizon Forbidden West and explain how to defeat it.

Slaughterspine is a fearsome war machine that can be found roaming across the open world of Horizon Forbidden West. The following guide will mark the location of the Apex Slaughterspine in Horizon Forbidden West, explain how to defeat the combat machine, and highlight the loot for taking it down.

Horizon Forbidden West Apex Slaughterspine Location

Horizon Forbidden West has a lot of deadly machines but the Apex Slaughterspine is clearly the deadliest of them yet. This is one machine that will have players sweating as Slaughterspines are difficult encounters and not one to take lightly.

Apex Slaughterspine is an upgraded variant and deals more damage compared to the base Slaughterspine machine. You can spot an Apex Slaughterspine by confirming its black armor.

There are a total of three locations where you can find an Apex Slaughterspine in HFW:

  • The first one can be found at the west of Memorial Grove, North of the Raintrace North Rebel Camp, in between the mountains.
  • The second location is to the North of the boat to the Isle of Spires, West of Thornmarsh.
  • The third location is the Ruins of San Francisco, southwest of Legacy’s Landfall.

The first location is surrounded by a herd of Leaplashers and it is not recommended to take a fight there. But the second location is at the shortest distance from any nearby campfire. This may be the most suitable to go and fight an Apex Slaughterspine.

Wait there until night when Apex Slaughterspines are more likely to spawn. If the spawned machine is not the Apex variant, fight with the ordinary variant and wait for the Apex variant to spawn.

Take note that the machines spawn as soon as the players leave the site. Hence, you may fast travel and come back. This may take several rounds, but you will find the Apex variant with black armor for sure.

How to Defeat Apex Slaughterspine in Horizon Forbidden West

This fight will not be easy. An Apex Slaughterspine is a level 64 machine, hence requiring Aloy to reach her highest level possible.

The machine operates in two modes. The first is easy to handle and the attacks are easy to dodge. In the second mode, however, the purple spots all over its body will start to charge up.

When fully charged, several strong beams of purple plasma will emit to deal tons of damage. Hence, target those purple spots when they are being charged to delay their attacks.

Apex Slaughterspine will eventually charge up to go on a rampage. When that happens, take cover until its batteries are fully discharged.

Remember to aim for the plasma earthblaster on its stomach, plasma spine launchers on its back, spinetail lancer on its tail, and the chillwater canisters at its rear to deal maximum damage. This will cripple Apex and give Aloy an opportunity to attack the plasma core.

Apex Slaughterspine Loot

Apex Slaughterspine in HFW offers some exclusive items upon death. They are:

  • Apex Slaughterspine Heart
  • Crystal Braiding
  • Luminous Brainstem
  • Volatile Sludge
  • Slaughterspine Primary Nerve
  • Slaughterspine Circulator

There are also other collectible items you can get.

Body Parts

Resource Chance of Drop (%)
Crystal Braiding 100%
Metal Shards 100%
Glowblast 100%
Piercing Spike 100%
Luminous Brainstem 100%
Apex Slaughterspine Heart 100%
Sturdy Hardplate 71%
Slaughterspine Circulator 69%
Large Machine Core 69%
Slaughterspine Primary Nerve 63%
Volatile Sludge 50%
Machine Muscle 45%
Braided Wire 30%
Metal Bone 27%


Resource Chance of Drop (%)
Metalbite 100%


Resource Chance of Drop (%)
Blaze 100%
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