Horizon Forbidden West Fishing Tips

Fishing is one of the many side activities Aloy can take part in when not scanning machines. The following guide will take you underwater where you can learn how to catch fish in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Catch Fish In Horizon Forbidden West

While you can use bows to hunt animals and birds, there is, unfortunately, no equivalent equipment to fish in HFW.

Aloy has to literally catch fish using her bare hands. There are no fishing rods or fishing nets here to be used. The only way is to dive into the water using a respirator and start tailgating a fish before grabbing it with your bare hands.

Best Weapon For Hunting Fish In Horizon Forbidden West

The weapon that you can use to catch a fish in HFW depends on the fish that you’re aiming to catch. For fishes like Solomon that are very close to the surface of the water, you can use an arrow to strike it and have it killed.

But when it comes to fishes like Moonfish that are way deeper inside the water, you’ll need to go down into the water and catch them by your hand. To catch a fish by hand below is all the information that you can get.

Horizon Forbidden West Fishing Tips

You’ll need to be calm and agile because fishing can sometimes be a tricky ordeal in HFW.

It’s all about the timing and your approach. One easy way is to stay on its tail and start approaching the fish very slowly. When you get close enough, use Aloy’s Boost to immediately reduce the remaining distance. The game will then tell you that you can catch the fish now.

One other easy way to catch a fish is to hide in algae and wait for the fish to pass nearby. When in range, use the option to catch the fish.

One other easy way is to use the focus and locate and mark a fish before getting into the water. This provides help in tracking the fish better underwater. Swim using the prey acceleration and after getting close enough, press the triangle to catch the fish.

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