Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Kappa Walkthrough

Cauldron: KAPPA is an optional underwater dungeon in Horizon Forbidden West that packs a tough punch. Here's all you need...

Cauldron: KAPPA is an optional underwater dungeon in Horizon Forbidden West that packs a tough punch. Here’s all you need to know about completing the dungeon.

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron KAPPA Location

Located to the West of Bulkwater, this underwater Dungeon can be reached only using a diving mask. Upon diving, Aloy will see a Snapmaw right away which can’t be fought underwater. The players must carefully sneak by it and reach the entrance of Cauldron Kappa.

The players need to ride an Uplink ahead and then they can enter the Cauldron Kappa and continue to reach the core.

The recommended level for the dungeon is pretty high since it is the most difficult of all. With a total of 50 levels in the game, Cauldron: KAPPA stands at level 40. You’re likely going to wait for a few additional level gains to increase your chances of survival.

How to Get to the Cauldron Kappa Core

Once you surface after getting through the passageway, you’ll need to use the Pullcaster to pull the crate to the water. While you’re busy moving the crate, two Spikesnoutes will appear. After defeating them, resume positioning the crate under the pole by the current.

After doing so, you’ll be able to climb to the other side of the pole. From there, head to the right and then glide down. Now continue straight until you reach a room with a moving pole.

The pole moves up and down. When the pole comes down and sinks into the water, take the opportunity and get on it to reach the elevated platform up ahead.

The Network link here can be overridden to unlock the core room. Aloy will fall into the water as she jumps on the core platform.

How to change the water levels of Cauldron: KAPPA

You’ll have to climb a pole after swimming through the area of two Burrowers and a Snapmaw. While getting to the platform on the other side, there will be Network Uplink that can’t be overridden until the water levels are changed.

The players can swim to the platform to the next area by using the Shieldwing. To get to the next pole, the players need to kill two Burrowers ahead. After getting to the elevated platform, the players will then be invaded by a Burrower. After getting done with it, the players will need to override the Network Uplink to get the water level higher.

After the water level rise, the players can now get to the area with a few more machines to defeat. After defeating the machines, get to the pole ahead and retrieve a crate and pull it under the vent. Using the very same crate, climb up and override a Network link and raise the water level.

Find the floating crate and pull it using the Pullcaster. Locate the Network Uplink by diving into the water and getting the water level down. Now, swim back to the platform and position the crate for the U-Shaped platform over there.

Go back to the higher platform and raise the water level furthermore to place the create exactly under the pole that can be climbed. Get to the elevated room using the crate and defeat two Shell-Walkers and Spikesnout. After defeating the machines, reach for the pole in the southern part of the room.

Get on the flying machine in the area and let go when “Strike from Above” gets prompted to attack a Burrower below. Now carry to follow the path to reach a Network Uplink and override it to reach the flooded core room containing the boss.

Swim under the arena to get to the other side and then override the Network Uplink there to open a door that further has a Network Uplink node that changes the water level. Lower the water level and stand on the floor of the arena to get the boss in the arena.

How to Defeat Tideripper

The fight can become easier if players can bear the Shock and Frost damage. Else the fight is going to be challenging.

Aloy can use the focus to point out the weak spots of Apex Tideripper. Deal with the highlighted parts and try to destroy the parts to deal huge damage but more damage can be dealt with by attacking the heart of the Tideripper.

Try to reach for the Purgewater Sac and Purgewater pouch to destroy its stronger attacks and weaken it. The Purgewater gives a lot of strength to the boss which it uses to land devastating attacks.

Use all the space available to dodge the attacks of the machine and after getting it defeated, Aloy can override the core in Cauldron Kappa. This will unlock the machine override and reveal the exit.

Cauldron KAPPA Overrides & Rewards

The dungeons in Horizon Forbidden West are important as they provide Aloy with the much-needed Overrides to make the machines do her bidding in the middle of fights.

Other than the reward of 12,500 XP and two skill points that the dungeon provides you, Cauldron KAPPA also provides eight machine overrides. Some of these eight are the most powerful enemies in the game, and this makes the Cauldron KAPPA overrides very incentivizing.

You get the following Overrides from Cauldron KAPPA:

  • Rockbreaker – Full
  • Tideripper – Full
  • Tremortusk – Full
  • Stormbird – Full
  • Slitherfang – Corrupted
  • Dreadwing – Corrupted
  • Slaughterspine – Corrupted
  • Thunderjaw – Corrupted
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