Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron: Chi Walkthrough

Having trouble with Cauldron: Chi in Horizon Forbidden West? The following guide will provide all the information you need, including...

Having trouble with Cauldron: Chi in Horizon Forbidden West? The following guide will provide all the information you need, including details about the machines you need to override and the bosses you need to defeat.

Where to Find Cauldron: Chi in Horizon Forbidden West

Cauldron: Chi in HFW can be found south of Thornmash, near the bay.

HFW Cauldron Chi Location

Here you might find a problem as the entrance will be blocked by vines. However, if you move to the right of the entrance, you will spot a waterfall where there will be a small gap.

Use that gap as your entrance. The way will lead you to a cave where you must smash a door and enter.

How to Complete Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Chi

Throughout this journey, you will face enemies like Scrounger, Frostclaw, Redeye Watcher, and Clamberjaw as part of your quest. There will also be a few puzzles for you to solve.

Recommended level

The recommended level for any player to complete Cauldron: Chi is at least level 30. It is also suggested to use a very strong Plasma weapon along with shock, purge water.

In addition, it is always better to equip either acid or frost if both can’t be carried.

First Puzzle: Pulling Cords

As soon as you enter, you must clear the room by taking down three Scroungers. Next, you need to pull canisters from the wall. The three which are located at a much lesser height relatively can be easily pulled but for the fourth one, you need to climb up by pushing the crate left. Move to the ledge and pull the fourth one out.

Second Puzzle: Move the Arm to Progress Further

Moving on, you will reach a new room with more machines. Here, you have to kill the Frostclaw, which can be defeated by using fire ammo (weakness of Frostclaw) and not Frost or shock as it won’t affect. You can also use R3 (for PS) to scan for weak points.

You must move to the center of the room and find a mechanical arm that will make a platform for a bridge. By moving right onto the platform, press and hold R2 (for PS) which will cause the platform to move downwards towards the core.

Third Puzzle: Pursue Trail and Kill

The core is destroyed at this point of the game. You must use the focus of Aloy to find the trail. While using the focus, press R1 to highlight the trail and then follow it.

Push the container to the shield and climb through the vents. This is where you will face Clamberjaw. The only way you can defeat him is to use Purgewater traps and you are strictly recommended not to use Plasma and Fire because he is good at it. You must scan it like before to find its weak points.

Fourth Puzzle: Set the Core Back to Working Condition

You will again come to a point where the pathway will be blocked. You must pull the two canisters using pullcaster and align them with the platform.

Place the power cell on the container and use the pullcaster to set them in the path of the core. Here, you will be ambushed with more Clamberjaws. Defeat them, quickly hold the power cell and move to the core.

Fifth Puzzle: Kill the Slitherfang

Once you reach the core, you must face two Redeye Watchers. Drop the parts and fight them after scanning for their weakest parts. Shock will cause an ample amount of damage to them.

You need to override the system after defeating the enemies. The floor will again go under the core. Here another slitherfang will appear which will be the deadliest of all ever seen. Take as much time as you need to defeat it.

How to Defeat Slitherfang in HFW Cauldron Chi

You must disable as many parts of the slitherfang as possible so his attacks can be limited. The parts which can be disabled are Sonic Hood, Glowblast Canister, Metalbite Sac, Purgewater Canister and Shock Orb.

Use any weapon which has a high fire rate to tear off his different parts. Aim for the head and tail to destroy Metalbite Sac, Purgewater Canister, and Sonic Hood so that he can’t use his ranged attacks.

Slitherfang is weakest to fire damage therefore, it is highly recommended to use it. Use Plasma ammo on its Glowblast Canister to give a good amount of damage. You can give him much more damage by attacking him with Frost which puts him in a brittle state.

You can also devise a strategy to put any kind of traps (explosives are highly recommended) around the place when Slitherfang is not attacking. Learn the attacking pattern and make the timing perfect to defeat him.

After defeating the Slitherfang, you must override the core. This will result in the completion of Cauldron: Chi.

Cauldron Chi Overrides and Rewards

There are quite a few things that get unlocked by completing the Cauldron Chi. You will unlock 10 machine overrides but unfortunately half of them would be corrupted. That means they need to be completed at The Base so that they can be used. Another bad news is that you will not unlock any mount by the completion of Cauldron Chi. But they override machines that are unlocked are too powerful and will give your alloy much strength. Moreover, you are going to earn 12,500 XP in addition to three skill points.

The following machine overrides will be unlocked:

  • Shell Walker (Full)
  • Clamberjaw (Full)
  • Behemoth (Full)
  • Redeye Watcher (Full)
  • Forstclaw (Full)
  • Spikesnout (Corrupted)
  • Scorcher (Corrupted)
  • Fireclaw (Corrupted)
  • Stalker (Corrupted)
  • Shellsnaper (Corrupted)
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