How to Get XP and Level Up Fast in Horizon Forbidden West

The following guide will show you how to get xp quickly in Horizon Forbidden West and make sure that you level up Aloy with ease.

If you were looking for a more efficient way to grind experience and levels in Horizon Forbidden West, you have come to the right place. The following guide will show you how to get xp quickly in Horizon Forbidden West and make sure that you level up Aloy as quickly as possible.

Horizon Forbidden West XP Farming

Leveling up in Horizon Forbidden West isn’t the same as most other games. In this game, leveling your character only grants you a slight bonus HP.

The real leveling comes in the form of skills points. Hence, all your damage, abilities, and effects depend upon what and where you invest your skill points in on leveling up.

Max Level

The max level your character Aloy can reach in Horizon Forbidden West is Level 50.

You can’t increase the levels beyond that mark, and that’s the target you will be racing to achieve. So, of course, our guide is here to help you reach that endpoint.

How to Get XP and Level up Fast in HFW

There are a lot of ways to get XP in HFW. The fact is that almost everything you do grants XP but not everything comes out to be an efficient way of leveling up.

You would think for example that killing a lot of enemies might do the trick, but no, kills actually grant you very little XP. The best ways we have found to get XP and level up fast in Forbidden West are mentioned below.

Complete Side Quests in Horizon Forbidden West

Probably the best and most consistent way to earn XP in the game. Apart from the main quests, there are a lot of side missions available and extra content in HFW.

Side activities reward varying amounts of XP ranging anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 XP and more. Furthermore, there is no shortage of side quests to go around.

All other big sources of XP are either limited in supply or are hard to come across, making side quests an excellent way to farm XP points and level up fast.

Rebel Camps

Rebel Camps are also a good way to collect XP and skill points. Although rebel camps give less XP than a standard good side quest, they make up for it by providing three skill points for each one cleared up.

Errands and Salvage

Then we have errands and salvage contracts, these provide the least amount of XP, but they are easier to complete and plentiful enough to warrant a mention here.


Cauldrons allow you to overwrite a machine type, and the XP they provide is quite plentiful. The problem with these is that they are limited in number and are pretty hard to find. Hence, making them not quite a continuous source of XP.

Overriding Tallnecks

Overriding Tallnecks offers a staggering 7500XP. That is no laughing matter. But yet again, they are scarce in number and are hard to locate in the world.

All-in-all, doing as many side quests as you can is the sure-fire way of farming for XP Horizon Forbidden West has to offer.

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