Hogwarts Legacy Could Feature Wand Customization

If early development plans for the game haven't been changed, Hogwarts Legacy could feature wand customization feature.

Since the reveal of Hogwarts Legacy, fans have been speculating on different things we could see in the game. One of these desired features is Wand customization. If Warner Bros. haven’t changed much since early plans for the game, Wand Customization could still be in the game.

On reddit, a user shared some information which they apparently heard from someone who worked on Hogwarts Legacy project in its early stages of development. They shared some interesting tidbits about the game. One interesting bit that the concerned person shared was that there were plans for Wand Customization in the game.

Mods of the subreddit seem to have verified the connection of the user with the source however, since these plans were quite early in the development, there is no guarantee they will in the final product as things change a lot during the development of a AAA game.

Wand Customization however, is something fans have been expecting to be included in the game. Theoretically, there are some interesting ways in which the developer can allow players to customize their wands. Even the cosmetic only customization would be something interesting.

In the reddit post, Wand Customization isn’t the only thing shared. The user also shared that there were plans for Romance in Hogwarts legacy with LGBT+ options. Again, while this option might have been scrapped in the end product, having romance options in the game will naturally make it more engaging and it also gives us a hint about the depth of the game.

After keeping things silent for a long time since the announcement, Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. revealed a lengthy gameplay footage back in March at Sony’s State of Play. Since then, we have been hearing small details about the game from various sources.

Although Hogwarts Legacy is slated for a Holiday 2022 release, no specific release date has been revealed yet. Let’s just hope that the game doesn’t get delayed and we do get to play it in December, 2022.

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