Should You Steal The Fwooper Feather In Hogwarts Legacy?

If you are curious whether stealing the fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy is a good idea or not, let us explain both outcomes of your choice

During your very potion class in Hogwarts Valley, you will meet Garreth Weasley. Like a true ancestor of Fred and George Weasley, Garreth seems to be a prankster who will ask players if they can help him steal a Fwooper Feather from the potions teacher’s office. If you are wondering whether you should steal this Hogwarts Legacy fwooper feather or not, allow us to help out.

Should you steal the Fwooper Feather for Gareth Weasley?

While Garreth claims that Fwoopers aren’t rare so stealing a feather is no big deal, your conscience might not allow you to perform this theft in the middle of a lesson. Hogwarts Legacy does allow players to be a bit evil. However, stealing a feather is probably one of the least evil things you can do in the game considering unforgivable curses exist and can be learned.

What happens if you steal the feather

The morality system in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t so strong so players should steal the Fwooper Feather. This will add some fun to the game. Stealing the Fwooper Feather doesn’t have any bad consequences in Hogwarts Legacy. So, there is no reason left for players not to steal it. 

Now the question is what happens after stealing? As players steal the Fwooper Feather and give it to Garreth, he will use this in his potion which will then explode and give an amazing display of fireworks.

Now, Professor being an experienced person will instantaneously know that they have stolen the Fwooper Feather from the office. The Professor will come to Garreth and the player and ask them what’s the story behind it. Here players again get the choice to either tell him the truth or lie about it.

In any case, if you choose to be a liar or simply tell the truth, this decision won’t affect the quest in any way. If you choose to tell Professor the truth, he will appreciate your honesty. However, nothing serious is going to happen even if you lie.

What happens if you don’t steal the feather

In the quest, you can opt to not steal the Fwooper Feather and just deny the request done by Garreth. This will not affect your relation with Garreth, he will be a little disappointed but he will understand and look for some other way to complete the potion.

The potion will explode in the same way as if you give the feather to Garreth but Professor Sharp will not question you. Also, the later storyline will not be altered if you don’t help Gareth Weasley.

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