Will There be a Sequel to Hogwarts Legacy?

A new job listing on Avalanche Studios' website has fueled speculation on a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy, though there's no evidence yet.

Avalanche Software, the same developer behind the recently-released Harry Potter game Hogwarts: Legacy, recently put up a new job listing that would involve helping them on their next Triple-A game. But does this mean a sequel to Legacy, or an entirely new IP? There’s evidence that either one could be correct. For now, fans are taking this as a hint that a new Hogwarts Legacy could be in development.

Hogwarts Legacy is the first licensed Harry Potter game to come out on consoles in years; up until then, most other Harry Potter games outside things like Lego Harry Potter and the licensed movie games had all been mobile games, with varying amounts of success.

Hogwarts Legacy ended up being quite the success, selling 12 million units over the course of two weeks despite a large amount of controversy about series author JK Rowling and the story of the game, which many people criticized as being anti-Semitic due to the heavy Jewish influence in the Goblin antagonists.

12 million units and counting being sold is nothing to sneeze at, so if Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. wanted to make a sequel there’s definitely enough excitement and potential for it. However, the job listing says nothing about a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy, or even what the game will be about, simply calling it an “unannounced AAA title.”

Warner Bros. Games has previously said that Hogwarts Legacy could be the start of a long-running franchise of new Harry Potter games, including sequels and spinoffs, but for now most of the rumors of a sequel to the game are just that; rumors.

The job listing also implies that the work on Avalanche’s new game has already started; considering that Hogwarts Legacy only came out a few months ago, after several delays, it doesn’t make much sense for the studio to already be in the production phase of a sequel, since pre-production on a game takes much longer.

Whether Avalanche’s new game turns out to be a Hogwarts Legacy sequel or not remains to be seen, but if it is, hopefully the next game can be less controversial. Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and PC, with Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions coming out tomorrow, while the Nintendo Switch version comes out July 25.

Hunter is senior news writer at SegmentNext.com. He is a long time fan of strategy, RPG, and tabletop games. When he is not playing games, he likes to write about them.