Hogwarts Legacy’s Rumored Delay Might Not Be Due To Development Woes

Hogwarts Legacy will be delayed if there are too many other games releasing within the same window and not because of development issues.

Hogwarts Legacy was recently rumored to be getting delayed due to development issues. The highly anticipated game might still be delayed but for another reason entirely.

Taking to Twitter recently, leaker AccountNGT claimed that Hogwarts Legacy will release within its slated 2022 window. However, if publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment decides to delay the game, it will be because of too many other games releasing within the same window and not because of development issues.

The source in question accurately leaked the existence of Star Wars Eclipse and the absence of Hogwarts Legacy at the Game Awards last month. Hence, adding credits to his claims that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment does not want any other triple-a release overshadowing its role-playing take on the Harry Potter franchise.

That being said, Warner Bros. took to Twitter earlier today to highlight a list of its games coming in 2022 and which included Hogwarts Legacy. Hence, for the time being, the game looks set to release in 2022 and not in 2023 as previously rumored.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been rumored to be hosting its first State of Play of 2022 next month. Hogwarts Legacy has been rumored to be one of the main headers with new gameplay footage and perhaps an updated release window during its digital showcasing. That should further confirm if a delay is on the cards or not.

Hogwarts Legacy has already been delayed once. The game was originally slated for a release in 2021 before being pushed in 2022, a delay which was linked to production challenges birthed by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as some parts of the story and characters being rewritten.

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