How To Get All Endings In Hogwarts Legacy

There are three different endings that you can unlock in Hogwarts Legacy which includes an ending where you become evil.

Hogwarts Legacy remains true to the ideals of the wizarding world letting players be good wizards and witches and also the bad ones. The way you play your character affects the ending as well.

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to choose from two main endings at the end after which the events of the true ending play out. These grant you a wider perspective as to which side, good or evil, you choose to pursue following the events of the game. Nevertheless, the true ending plays for both narratives.

However, many new players can get overwhelmed and confused regarding the Hogwarts Legacy Ending. With so many choices to make during the game, it can be overwhelming to keep track of them knowing which ones can affect the ending.

How many endings does Hogwarts Legacy have?

There are three different endings in Hogwarts Legacy. These include:

  • A good ending.
  • An evil ending.
  • The true ending.

The playthrough is the same for all the endings till the main quest The Final Repository. The decisions you make in this quest will lead you to either a Good ending or the Evil one.

However, if you choose to continue playing the Good and the Evil ending, you can unlock the True Ending which lets you play another additional quest known as The House Cup.


Players cannot have the Good and the Evil endings side by side as only one of them can be played through. The True Ending, however, can be unlocked after any of the two above-mentioned endings.

Hogwarts Legacy endings explained

When you begin the main quest titled “The Final Repository”, you go through the events that lead to the ending of the story. Make your way through the battlefield to reach the repository before the evil goblin Ranrok does so. Once you do, you are given different options to choose from which in turn determines the ending sequence.

Hogwarts Legacy has three different endings for you to experience but these are dependent on the choices you make in the final battle against Ranrok. Your choice will only determine the good or bad ending of Hogwarts Legacy, whereas the true ending plays out regardless.  

How to get the good ending

In order to play the Good ending in Hogwarts Legacy you have to select the following options:

  1. “I intend to keep it contained here”
  2. “I shall keep it a secret forever”

Choosing these will make you the “Keeper of the Ancient Magic” that is being held down in the repository in secret. Professor Fig will also ensure you that he will aid in this endeavor of yours.

After that, Ranrok will make his appearance and blast a spell at the ancient magic which will cause it to become free and change Ranrok’s appearance into a dragon-shaped monstrosity.

After you defeat him both you and Professor Fig will work together to contain the Ancient Magic in which both of you will succeed. However, Professor Fig ends up losing his life in the process. He will pass away peacefully holding onto his dear wife Miriam’s wand.

How to get the evil ending

In order to play the Evil ending in Hogwarts Legacy you have to select the following options:

  1. “I intend to open it”
  2. “This power should not be kept from the world”

The game will proceed as normal and your battle will ensue with Ranrok. You will have to defeat his monstrous form and once you do that the evil ending will play.

During this, Professor Fig, who supported you throughout the game will not be able to help you contain the Ancient Magic.

This time the task to secure it will fall to you alone. However, you get to wield some of the Ancient Magic yourself during this sequence so you won’t totally be without help.

There will be a scene where your eyes will glow red for a moment metaphorically signifying that you have chosen to go the evil route.

How to get the true ending

The True Ending can only be achieved after you played through one of the two endings: the Good Ending or the Evil Ending. Regardless of the ending you chose before, the events leading up to the true ending play out in a similar manner.

You will get a notification showing that the O.W.L exams are coming up and you should complete all side missions, puzzles, and relationship stories.

Once you do, you will need to receive two further missions, the ‘Weasley’s Watchful Eyes’ which can be completed immediately, and the ‘The House Cup’ which will require you to reach Level 34 before starting it.

The story will end on an emotional note with the rest of the professors mourning the loss of Professor Fig and honoring his sacrifice. Your house will then win one hundred points and will be declared the winner in Hogwarts Legacy.

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