Hogwarts Legacy Lost Astrolabe Quest Guide

Interested in swimming in the Black Lake in Hogwarts Legacy? We are here to tell you how as part of the Lost Astrolabe quest.

If you have been wondering whether you can take a dive and swim in the Black Lake in Hogwarts Legacy, we are here to tell you that you absolutely can. As part of the Hogwarts Legacy Lost Astrolabe side quest, players will get the opportunity to swim in the lake and hunt for some sunken treasure.

While players are in Lower Hogsfield, they can talk to Grace Pinch-Smedley on the Lower Hogsfield docks. Grace will tell the players that her grandfather’s astrolabe was lost in the lake. Helping her find this lost Astrolabe is your task for this side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to recover the Lost Astrolabe in Hogwarts Legacy

To begin the “Lost Astrolabe” Quest in Hogwarts Legacy use the Floo Flames to fast travel to the Lower Hogsfield. Next head to the Lower Hogsfield docks to meet the Slytherin student Grace Pinch-Smedley.

After you interact with her, Grace will tell you about the Lost Astrolabe, which is her family’s heirloom. She also exclaims that how desperately she was waiting for someone to come and help. She also tells the player about her family, that her Grandfather was an astronomer, and many other things.

As she asks the player for help, the player will agree to help her, saying that Jumping in a Black lake looks quite adventurous and, therefore, he would love to do it. After it, players need to jump into the black lake and go toward the white marks.

Now the search for the Lost Astrolabe though simple can be a little time-consuming. You will have to search the possible locations of the Astrolabe’s whereabouts spread across the entire lake.

The locations will be indicated by bubbles rising on the surface of the lake water. To search these areas, you will then have to dive in and thoroughly search them to try and locate the Lost Astrolabe.

How to dive underwater

Swimming underwater in Hogwarts Legacy for long periods of time while trying to search for the lost astrolabe is a risky move. Thankfully, you don’t have to actually scour the entire lake. As you are on the surface, you can look for white spots and you should swim toward those.

White marks will indicate that players need to dive in at that place and that the place has a high chance of having the Lost Astrolabe they are searching for.

Therefore, as soon as you reach the location of the white mark, dive in and look for the astrolabe. The areas where you have to search are within the purple circles on the minimap.

Just press the key prompt that appears once you reach the white spots in the lake and your character will automatically dive to search for the treasure.

Hogwarts Legacy Lost Astrolabe Quest Guide

There are five such locations where players need to dive in. Players don’t need to worry about if they are diving into the exact location or not because, in any case, this is going to get you gear and other loot as well.

After searching through different marks, once a player finds an Astrolabe, they then need to return the lost astrolabe to Grace.

This may have sounded so easy, but it’s not that easy. As players swim to the location, they may have to fight with Dugbogs on their way. Players are advised to give them a wide berth and take them out of the shallows.

Taking them out provides you a great opportunity to obtain significant amounts of the Dugbog Tongue which is an essential ingredient for a potion. Farming a few is going to be extremely handy later on in your Hogwarts Legacy journey.

Though, in the interest of time, you can also try to avoid them altogether by maintaining your distance from them.

Rewards for completing Lost Astrolabe

After finding the Lost Astrolabe, you must take it back to Grace. This will conclude the quest, and you will get the following rewards.

  • Mermaid Mask
  • 180 XP
  • 20 Gold

While the first two rewards are fixed and will be given to the player, in any case, the third one is optional. As players find the Astrolabe, Hogwarts Legacy gives them a choice of whether to return it to Grace or not. There’s another option where players can ask Grace for some reward as they have helped her.

As players ask Grace for the reward, she gets really angry, but this doesn’t matter. Despite Grace being angry, players will get the fixed reward as well as 20 additional gold.