Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest Guide

Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest in Hogwarts Legacy allows players to set up their own shop and this guide we will help you complete it.

The Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest, Minding Your Own Business, is one of the exclusive content features for PlayStation and can be found in the Hogsmeade area.

Unlike others, this quest has a very interesting and creepy mannequin-filled premise and requires players to open up a shop of their own. The quest can only be accessed after Charles Rookwood’s Trial.

Giving a 10% boost to the player’s gear sell value, this quest has become one of the most precious quests in the Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, Xbox and PC players cannot play this quest but we are here to help the PS5 players who might be struggling with Haunted Hogsmeade Shop.

How to find the Hogsmeade Abandoned House

Hogwarts Legacy players need to head towards Hogsmeade in the extreme winters to start the haunted Hogsmeade quest. As players head towards Hogsmeade and open up the map to find the exact location of the quest, they will find it on the east side of the map.

Players in the quests need to open up a shop in Hogsmeade, and at the location pointed by a map, they will meet Penny the House Elf. She will be standing all alone outside a weird and abandoned house.

Though from nowhere it’s visible, the elf runs a shop here, and it is in the house-type structure at her back. Players will find that she’s a new tenant here and also she is inexperienced too.

After knowing the shop’s owner, players need to rush to Cassandra Mason and convince her to sell the shop to them. This will be easy, and Cassandra Mason will sell the shop for 1500 gold galleons. However, this is the start of the quest and not the end.

As Cassandra sells you the shop, she will ask players to bring her late husband’s belongings from the chest located at the back of the shop. Thus, the quest starts as the player brings her husband’s belongings.

Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Hogsmeade walkthrough

As soon as the quest starts, players need to head back to the shop to get the belongings of Cassandra’s husband. As players reach the shop, Penny will let them enter the shop. After using Repairo on different items in the shop, go straight to the back room and descend to the Basement.

In the Basement, players will encounter different mannequins moving up. Everything here will be dark, so players need to use the Lumos spell.

A door will open in a while as you explore the room and see mannequins going up. Walk through the door. You’ll see a huge corridor leading to a double door with two lanterns; one will be standing next to it, and the other is a lamp attached to the wall.

Pass through the foyer

Here players need to attack the lantern floating with the door. Look to the right of the room, and there you will see a lantern floating, use Wingardium Leviosa on it, which will attach the lantern to the door.

Once the door is opened, you will get to the Foyer with another door locked with two bars. The path toward left and right will unlock both bars, and the door will be unlocked.

First, take the right path that leads to the Atrium area. You will come across two standing lanterns along with one more double door. Depulso the planks on the doors to destroy them and move inside to find the required lanterns on your left and right-hand side. You are going to find a standing lantern on your right and a floating one on the left-hand side.

Players can also use Lumos to illuminate the area and find open doors. Thus, as players keep moving on this track, they find various doors; some have single lanterns others have two. Just keep moving, and use Wingardium Leviosa to bring items near.

You will then have to complete a mannequin challenge to unlock the door that lets you to the area containing the much-needed lamp. Pick the lamp up and go back to the door having two standing lanterns. You must place the lantern and move to the right path.

You are going to encounter a chess puzzle on this path. Make sure that you stay away from all the cracked squares of the board. Jump once and move toward the area containing the second lantern to unlock the double doors.

Solve the Library Puzzles

Now we need to move toward the left path from the Foyer and get into the Library area. The same process will be followed here as you have to unlock the double door with two lantern stands.

You can move toward the right path first and keep moving using Lumos, as the doors will unlock automatically, and you can see your surroundings.

You will have to solve the mannequin maze. You need to deflect all the incoming attacks and move through the exit point to find the lantern. You must take the lantern and go back to the library.

Taking the left path now will take you toward the Upside-down room puzzle, and you need to solve it by finding the lantern on the opposite balcony. You need to move down and look right while moving through the stairs.

You will find the lantern on the right side of the balcony, so use the Wingardium Leviosa to bring the lantern close. You need to return back to the main room and unlock the door to fight the final monster to solve the Hogsmeade Abandoned House mystery.

Fight with Fastidio monster

At the end of this path, once players have solved all the puzzles, they will counter Fastidio, who is the ghost, and try to damage the player. Players need to dodge him and run back to Foyer, and they will see that one bar is already gone, and now it’s time to unlock the second one.

Next, players need to take the left path from the Foyer. The things here are similar to those on the right path; however, this has a Mannequin maze that will give players a tough time. After this, players will solve a few more puzzles, and then finally, it’s time for one to one fight with Fastidio Monster. 

Defeating the Fastidio Monster is not as tricky as players think it is. It is a simple monster that keeps swinging the weapons in its arms.

Players can easily parry the objects he tosses and cast Stupefy; however, the real disaster begins when the camera angle gets distorted. Players must focus on the monster, dodge the attacks, parry, and unleash hell on it.

Once the Fastidio Monster is defeated, players can go back to Foyer. There you can report Cassandra to Ruth Singer. She will take care of Cassandra and you can meet Penny. You can even gift Penny the hat to make her a free elf in Hogwarts Legacy.


Once players have completed the Minding Your Own Business quest, they will get the following rewards:

  • Shopkeeper’s cosmetic set.
  • A shop in Hogsmeade.

The quest gives a 10% boost to players’ gear sell value; thus, players can earn a lot after they have completed the quest and finally have their shop.

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