Hogwarts Legacy The Hall Of Herodiana Quest Guide

The huge castle of Hogwarts hides within itself uncountable secrets and puzzles that the great wizards of before have left behind. One of the secrets left behind by a Depulso master is the Hogwarts Legacy Halls of Herodiana puzzle.

The Halls of Herodiana puzzle can be unlocked when you have completed The Helm of Urtkot main quest. When this quest is completed, you can talk to a Ravenclaw student named Sophronia Franklin near the Charms Classroom. She will talk about a Depulso master named Herodiana Byrne. She wants you to help her in finding Herodiana’s outfit in the hidden rooms.

Where to find the Hall of Herodiana in Hogwarts Legacy?

When you have taken the quest from Sophronia, the location of the Hall of Herodiana will be marked on your map. The puzzle dungeon is found on the ground floor of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower of Hogwarts, just south of Transfiguration Courtyard. You need to enter the puzzle dungeon by using Depulso.

Hall of Herodiana puzzle solutions

The Hall of Herodiana puzzle is essentially three separate puzzles. All of them can be solved by using Depulso only, but you can also use Accio to solve them faster. Depulso is a staple spell for this quest, don’t go without it.

Puzzle #1

The first puzzle is very simple. As soon as you enter the hall, you will see two blocks at the end of the room. Pull them and then, push them from the right side next to the wall to lock them in place. Climb them to get to the first chest of Halls of Herodiana.

Puzzle #2

In the second hall, you can see three moveable blocks. One of them is floating and two of them are on the ground. Use Accio to pull the single block above the two blocks. From here on, you need to move the three blocks together next to where you entered the second hall.

To do this, move the blocks next to the left wall, pull them back, and again next to the right wall of the room.

If they are not still properly aligned, you can pull the further back, until they allow you access to the small platform above the entrance that holds the second chest.

After opening the chest, push the blocks again using Depulso to reach the door for the final puzzle.

Puzzle #3

The third Hall of Herodiana puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy seems complicated but is actually very easy.

As soon as you enter the hall, climb the first immovable block you see right in front of you. From here, push the movable block ahead, then to your left, and then back. This will place them next to the chest platform. There will be a one block gap left, but we recommend leaving it.

If you move the block directly next to the platform, it becomes a huge hassle to move them out again. Just jump onto the platform ad get the chest.

To proceed out of Halls of Herodiana, you need to act fast. Use Accio to pull the blocks so that they go to the door, and just as they are moving, run onto the block. You will ride the blocks to the end and climb up to the doors to leave the Halls of Herodiana.

Reward for Halls of Herodiana Puzzles

For completing the puzzles, you get the entire Herodiana outfit. The outfit is not provided as a quest reward, but all of the pieces of the outfit are found in the chests that you have been collecting throughout the puzzle.

With the outfit, you can go back to Sophronia and show it to her. Here, you can either ask for a small fee to get some gold or just leave with the XP that you get by completing the quest.

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