Hogwarts Legacy: Ghost Of Our Love Quest Guide

The Ghost of our Love is a secondary quest in Hogwarts Legacy that requires you to find and use the Map with Floating Candles map.

The Ghost of Our Love is a secondary quest in Hogwarts Legacy involving a mysterious location that you have to find using a treasure map called “Map with Floating Candles”. The quest is pretty straightforward since you do not have to fight any enemies or solve puzzles to reach the end of it.

However, the map only provides a vague description of the area, so you still need to use your knowledge and skills to decode the correct location. The Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of our Love quest is unique as the initiating point of the quest depends on the Sorting Hat ceremony.

There are some prerequisites that you need to fulfill before finding the Hogwarts Legacy Map with Floating Candles puzzle solution. These include completing the “Trials of Merlin” quest and visiting the area at nighttime.

How to start the quest

After the completion of your 13th main quest, “Trials of Merlin”, you will be assigned a House-specific quest through a letter. No matter what House you are a part of, at the end of the quest, you will meet Richard Jackdaw. We will tell you about the area that contains the treasure map. You just have to follow the directions to acquire the “Map with Floating Candles” and start the side quest.

The branching quest that leads you to Richard and provides you with the treasure map is given below.

HouseQuestTreasure Map Location
Gryffindor“The Hunt for the Missing Pages”. You search for the pages and meet Sir Patrick.Next to the crypt on the way to Grave.
Slytherin“Scrope’s Last Hope”Inside the secret area of the cave that lies beneath Hogwarts.
Ravenclaw“Ollivander’s Heirloom” Conversing with Ollivander.On top of the southern area of Owlery.
Hufflepuff“Prisoner of Love” The quest that takes you to Hogwarts Legacy’s Azkaban Prison.Right next to the door of a home located behind the vendor stall in Upper Hogsfield.

Ghost of Our Love walkthrough

Understand the Hogwarts Legacy Map with Floating Candles

The map will show four different things, which indicate the steps required to solve the Hogwarts Legacy Map with Floating Candles puzzle. The forest with a moon indicates that you need to visit the Forbidden Forest during nighttime. The bridge and wand indicate where you need to be to use your Lumos spell to make the Floating Candles appear.


Set your time to nighttime before heading to the Forbidden Forest

You cannot attempt this quest in the daytime, so go to your map section and change your time to nighttime. This makes sense as the candles cannot be used during the daytime. Open your map and locate the teleportation location nearest to the Forbidden Forest.

Use the Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames Location to fast travel to the Forbidden Forest entrance. Head southwest toward the stone bridge and cast the spell Lumos to spawn the floating candles.

Follow the Floating Candles

Just follow the candles until you reach a point where a table for two is set, giving a very romantic feeling due to the inclusion of candles. Wait for a few seconds, and multiple floating candles surround you, and a chest will appear on your right.

Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love quest rewards you with 400 coins, a gear piece, and 180 XP upon completion.

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