Hogwarts Legacy: Dissending For Sweets Quest Guide

Dissending for Sweets in Hogwarts Legacy tasks you to help another student by stealing and exploring a hidden passage on your way.

Dissending for Sweets is an adventurous side quest in Hogwarts Legacy where you have to help another student by stealing and exploring a hidden passage on your way.

This quest takes place in the Entrance Hall of the Great Hall and is given to you by another student, Garreth Weasley, who is a troublemaker from the house of Gryffindor and loves brewing magical potions and also drinking them.

In the ‘Dissending for Sweets’ quest, Garreth Weasley asks you to steal the sting of Billywig, an important ingredient used in many magical potions. You can find this in a shop called ‘Honeydukes’ situated in the bustling village of Hogsmeade.

How to start the quest

To start this quest, you need to be at least 5 and need to have attended your first Potions class with Professor Sharp and then G. Weasley will meet you in the Entrance Hall of the Great Hall.    

Dissending For Sweets walkthrough

This quest commences as soon as you talk to Garreth Weasley and he tells you about a secret entrance to Honeydukes’ shop in Hogsmeade. That is where you can bring him Billywig Stings for his new experimental drink called the Fizzing-Whiz Beer.

Look for the statue

After talking to Garreth, you have to look for the statue of the One-eyed Witch located at the Grand Staircase. From the staircase, head left until you see the statue on your right behind which will be a secret room filled with puzzles and chests.

Simply interact with the statue of the One-eyed witch and you will be taken to the secret room hidden behind it.

Repair the elevator

Now you will come across a broken elevator and this is where your spell-casting skills come to use. Cast the ‘Reparo’, the mending spell. This will fix the broken elevator which you can now ride to go to the tunnel below.

After descending to the cave, you will see a chest behind the elevator that you can collect. Now continue down the cave until you see a passage blocked by spider webs that you can remove by casting ‘Incendio’, the burning spell.

Ride the platform

Now you will encounter a wooden platform that you can raise into the air by casting ‘Levioso’, the levitating spell. After the wooden platform is floating in the air, you can climb it.

Cross the broken platform

Now you will encounter another broken platform which you can fix using ‘Reparo’, the mending spell. After fixing the platform, you can make it float using the same spell which you used for the last platform.

Ride to the next platform

To ride the next broken platform, you have to cast the ‘Accio’ spell first to summon it. Then cast the ‘Reparo’ spell to mend it and ‘Levioso’ to make it levitate.

Open the door

You will see a door with two braziers on both sides and to enter this door you can cast ‘Incendio’, the lighting spell, to light up these braziers. Now you will find a ladder to Honeydukes’ in the next room.

Find the ingredient

Now you have to search for the Billywig stings. You will find them lying on a table in the corner in Honeydukes’ warehouse and then deliver them to Garreth.

Return to Garreth

Now you need to make your way back to Garreth. You can do so by going back to the Entrance Hall using Floo Powder transportation to the Great Hall. The quest will end when you talk to Garreth and as a reward, he gives you coins, 180 XP points, and the Quidditch Board Conjuration recipe.

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