Hogwarts Legacy Character Creation Screens Surface Online

Thanks to a tech presentation, we have learned a bit how Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator will look like.

Thanks to a tech session of Autodesk Vision Series, a couple of screens from Character Creator of Hogwarts Legacy have surfaced online. It seems like players will be choosing their house during the character creation.

Character creation is going to a important aspect of Hogwarts Legacy so fans are curious to know what sort of customization options they will be getting in the game. For instance, fans wanted to know if they will be able to customize their wands as well. While we still don’t have a confirmation on Wand customization, the shared screens from the Character creator tells us that there will be sufficient customization options in the game.

Apart from these screens, thanks to same Autodesk tech session, we have also received a cutscene footage of Hogwarts Legacy.

As for the release date of Hogwarts Legacy, while the game officially is slated for a holiday 2022 release, there is no specific official release date yet. However, multiple hints have surfaced indicating that Hogwarts Legacy could release on December 6, 2022. Major hint is that the companion Art Book’s release date of the game has been changed from December 31 (placeholder) to December 6. Since Gotham Knights, another Warner Bros. game has the Art Book release date on the same date as the game itself, fans believe that same could be true for Hogwarts Legacy as well.

Hopefully, Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software will reveal the official release date soon.

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