New Hitman Parisian Escalation Contracts Added

More Hitman Parisian Escalation contracts added for Agent 47. There two of them called The Mandelbulb Requiem and The Holmwood Disturbance.

IO Interactive has added a couple of new Hitman Parisian Escalation contracts for Agent 47. The contracts are rolling out across the globe as we speak so if you own a copy of Hitman 2016, time to download your missions and be on your way to assassinate your targets.

Like I mentioned, there are two missions – The Mandelbulb Requiem and The Holmwood Disturbance – both are part of the Hitman Parisian Escalation.

Each of these contracts come with its own set of challenges that can be seen via the Contracts menu in Hitman.

The Holmwood Disturbance: Challenges you to eliminate Faustin D’Aoust with a firearm while wearing the vampire magician disguise. Escalations include adding an additional target, disallowing pacifications, limiting you to a single exit point and adding more security cameras.

The Mandelbulb Requiem: gives you a contract on Michel Charest while wearing a Palace Staff disguise. Making things harder, you will eventually need to find and hack a laptop, eliminate Lance Artois while wearing a different, specific, disguise, dodge more security cameras and finally get around deadly laser tripwires throughout the palace.

Hitman is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Sadly, PC users aren’t too happy with Hitman. Many say that the game locks their native resolution as it thinks the GPUs aren’t good enough. There are other reports of crashes, bugs, black screens, etc.

IO is yet to fix these issues but we do have a solutions guide that may help you deal with errors, crashes, Directx 12, performance, resolution, Bugs, FPS etc.

If you have any questions about Hitman PC, feel free to drop them in the comments sections and we will try to help out as best we can.

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