Hitman 2016 Errors, Crashes, Directx 12, Performance, Resolution, Bugs, FPS and Fixes

How to fix Hitman 2016 errors, random crashes, startup crashes, mission crashes, performance issues, resolution issue, and more.

Agent 47 is back in Hitman 2016 and requires your assistance to complete some missions. Since the latest Hitman is going to be an episodic series, there haven’t been many review about it. But hey, if you like Agent 47, you wouldn’t have waited for the review, right?

Performance wise, the game is looking good apart from a few problems, especially related to DirectX 12. So if you are looking for a fix related to Hitman, feel free to browse through the following listing.

#1 Hitman 2016 – Unable to Drag the Bodies
Some users have reported that they are unable to drag the bodies to other places. If you are experiencing this bug too then as a workaround, try going to windowed mode and then back to full screen. If the problem isn’t fixed, let us know in the omments below.

#2 Hitman 2016 – Game Crashes on Paris Mission
There are a few things you can try to resolve the issue. First, try verifying your game files. If that doesn’t work, see if you are playing the game in dx12. Some users have reported that dx11 version didn’t present them any crash.

As a last resort, you should try re-installing the game to fix the issue.

#3 Hitman 2016 – Game Freezing at Loading Screen
If you are using dx12 and Windows 10, you might come across this problem. To fix it, either use dx11 version of the game or try running the game in compatibility mode.


#4 Hitman – Resolution Fix
If your desired resolution is grayed out, you can use the following command line in launch options to make it work.


Just replace the number with your own resolution value and you should be good.

#5 Hitman 2016 – Game Crashes on Tutorial
Again, if you are using dx12, try running the game in dx11 version. A lot of users are having trouble in running the game with dx12.

#6 Hitman 2016 – Game Crashes on Windows 10
There have been some reports about game crashing on Windows 10. If you are a victim too, try running the game in windows 8 compatibility mode. Also, make sure that you are using dx11 version and not 12.

#7 Hitman 2016 – Game Detecting Controller Only
First, try disconnecting your controller and restart. If that doesn’t work and the game still does not recognizes your keyboard and mouse, try disabling/deleting your HID USB device (from device manager/harware).

#8 Hitman 2016 – Error has occurred while attempting to load this content
If verifying your game files don’t fix the issue for you, it can very well be a server issue. You can follow their twitter account to check the service status to be sure.

#9 Hitman 2016 – Save File Got Corrupted
You should move your corrupted save file to some other location and let steam (cloud) download the file again for you. Always online does have some perks, right?

#10 Hitman 2016 Low Performance Fix
If your PC is good enough and you are still getting low performance, make sure to use dx11 version of the game. There have been plenty of reports of dx12 not working properly with Hitman so until a patch comes out, that’s your only option.

If you are facing any other issues, do share with us in the comments below.

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