Hitman 3 Dubai Walkthrough

Agent 47 is back on track in the new Hitman 3, the third and final installment of the Hitman world...

Agent 47 is back on track in the new Hitman 3, the third and final installment of the Hitman world of assassination trilogy. This Hitman 3 Dubai walkthrough will cover the first mission of Hitman 3, On Top of the World, and all its mission stories.

Hitman 3 Dubai On Top of the World

Agent 47 is assigned to eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram, who are attending the inauguration ceremony of The Spectre located in Dubai.

Once the mission starts, make your way through the path and enter the building through the window. Once inside, follow the straight path and interact with the blue curtains.

You can now go up to where Omar Al-Ghazali, owner of The Spectre, is directing his guests. Go right and interact with the terminal, where you will be given three Mission Stories.

These are the three opportunities or paths that you can use to get to your targets.

All three of the Mission Stories have been briefly described below:

(In) Security

Find Marcus Stuyvesant and follow him to the point of interest. He will be waiting for his newly appointed personal bodyguard that is currently in the changing room.

You can use this opportunity to get closer to Marcus Stuyvesant by disguising yourself with a security guard uniform and grabbing the bodyguard’s papers.

To do this, find a bodyguard in a less crowded area and disguise yourself. Now head to the staff area and sneak into the changing room. Grab his papers without alarming him and head out of there.

Go back to the security office and talk to the Security Office. He will introduce you to Marcus Stuyvesant.

Marcus will now take you to the roof, where he will test your aiming skills. Grab the throwing knives from the table and shoot them at the four boxes attached with the strings.

He will now appoint you as his bodyguard. Wait for the other bodyguard to leave the area.

When the bodyguard has left the place, you can now use this opportunity to kill him at the spot and get rid of his body.

Bird of Prey

Eavesdrop on the conversation between Omar Al-Ghalazi’s assistant and Zana Kazem.

Zana Kazeem is one of the top agents and is assigned by Omar Al-Ghalazi to take care of a personal matter. You can disguise yourself as him to get closer to Calm Ingram.

Once Zana Kazeem sits on the bench, distract him towards the corner using the radio. Use his disguise and meet with the assistant. She will take you to the meeting room.

Carl Ingram will give you a picture of a reporter that you need to get rid of. Find the reporter and talk to him.

Take him to where you can kill or incapacitate him. Get a photo of his body and go meet with the personal assistant of Carl Ingram.

Follow her to Carl Ingram’s penthouse, where you will give the picture to him. He will tell the guards to leave his room. You can use this opportunity to eliminate him.

How the Mighty Fall

You need to find the server room where you can hack into the servers and call a fake meeting. Go to where the POI is and enter the Server Room.

Interact with the terminal and sabotage the server by manual overriding. This will trigger the alarm. Hide behind one of the racks and wait for the guards to leave.

You need to get the Server Room keycard from one of the Maintenance staff. Take the keycard from him and go back to the Server Room. Interact with the terminal and sabotage the far-right server rack.

You can now use the terminal to re-schedule the meeting, disable cameras, and open all the elevator doors.

Get yourself the Penthouse guard disguise and go to the main lounge where the meeting will take place. Wait for both of them to enter the lounge and when they sit down on the couch, trap them inside by using the Secure Room terminal.

Now, wait for the show to end and finish them off to complete On Top of the World mission in Dubai in Hitman 3.

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