Hitman 3 Dubai Challenges Guide

Our Hitman 3 Dubai Challenges Guide takes a dig into everything that you should know to complete all the challenges in Dubai hit in Hitman 3.

Our Hitman 3 Dubai Challenges Guide takes a dig into everything that you should know to complete all the challenges in Dubai hit in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Dubai Challenges

There are roughly 83 challenges in Dubai as part of the mission, “On Top of the World” in Hitman 3.

Completing these challenges reward you with an increased Mastery Level for Dubai as well as new gear and starting locations.

To be able to reach Mastery Level 20, you’ll need to overcome around 85% of these challenges.

Assassination Challenges

Piano Man
Knock out a target by approaching it from behind with Fiber Optic equipped to it.

Versatile Assassin
Finish “Piano Man”, “Someone Could Hurt Themselves”, “Hold My Hair”, “Straight Shot”, “Tasteless, Traceless” to complete this challenge.

Tasteless, Traceless
This challenge is marked as completed automatically from doing the “Pick Your Poison” Challenge.

Hold My Hair
Make one of your targets drink Emetic poison and when it goes to the toilet to puke, approach them from behind and drown them in the toilet bowl.

Straight Shot
Take a headshot at anyone of your targets.

Someone Could Hurt Themselves
It automatically gets completed during the “Vertical Approach” Challenge.

Pick Your Poison
Firstly, get some lethal poison. Now, head to the Penthouse, Floor 04, and take out the chef by luring him out.

Having done that, take the chef’s disguise and prepare food by interacting with the plate. Once the food is prepared, wait for Ingram to come and eat it.

Vertical Approach
During the last phase of the storyline, (In)Security, push Stuyvesant over the ledge of the roof.

Angry Birdy
Once you have unlocked the Explosive Golf Ball, place it on the rooftop terrace by the golf set on Floor 04 of the Penthouse.

Now, frustrate Ingram such that he must play golf to release his anger. Once he hits the golf ball, it’ll explode.

Black Gold Eye
Deal with Carl Ingram and his bodyguard Carl at the end of the storyline, Bird of Prey to complete this challenge.

Impactful Art
Knock out (don’t kill them yet) both targets in the room with a chandelier and then shoot the rope of the chandelier to make it fall on their bodies.

Mile High Drop
Grab the Evacuation Keycard from the safe (code: 6927) in the Security room on Floor 03.

Now, use the keycard on the penthouse Floor 04 and 05 to prompt your targets to escape.

Follow your targets to the roof and once they jump off with their parachutes, shoot their parachutes in mid-air.

Conserving Ammunition
Take out both targets at the end of the storyline, How The Mighty Fall, with a single headshot.

Steep Task
Rush to Floor 05 of the Penthouse when the mission starts and push Ingram over the railing.

Once this level starts, rush straight to Floor 02 and then proceed to the rightward corridor. Ahead, you’ll see a panel saying “Override Safe Zone”.

To use it, go get a Crowbar from the rooftop on Floor 02. Now, use the crowbar to open the fusebox on floor 02.

Next, climb up the ladder to the panel that needs the fuse. Here, place the fuse in the fusebox and head back down to the “Override Safe Zone” Panel.

Now, you’ll be able to interact with this panel. Just wait for Stuyvesant to come to the art gallery and when he arrives, override the safe zone.

Discovery Challenges

Discover Dubai
Enter all 33 of the undiscovered areas in the region to complete this challenge.

Easy Breezy
For this challenge, you’ll have to use your camera to open all 6 windows.

1 window is at the default starting path, 2 are at Floor 00, 1 is on the way to Floor 01 and the remaining 2 are on Floor 01.

Rotor Man
Find the pilot on Floor 03, Helipad.

Shortcut – Penthouse Terrace Ladder
It is located on a large open terrace on level 4 of the building.

Wet Worker
It’ll automatically get completed during the storyline, Bird of Prey.

Rotor Ready

Shortcut – Ventilation Area Ladder
It is located on level 4 on the opposite side of Penthouse Terrace Ladder.

Elite Heat
Take out one of the guards on Floor 03 of the Penthouse and take his disguise.

Hot One
Take out the chef on Floor 04 of the Penthouse and take his disguise.

Grab the scimitar sword found in the Study, Penthouse Floor 04. You may also find it as a dropping from Sheikh.

Waiter Cater
Defeat one of the Event Staff Members on Floor 00 and take his disguise.

Shortcut – Atrium Lobby Door
It is located on Level 1 and can be accessed from Level 0, through the bathroom and the maintenance area.

Here Goes Nothing
Kill both targets and jump off the roof.

Grand Connection
Follow the steps of the storyline, “How the Mighty Fall”, defeat both targets and escape through the elevator from Floor 01.

Pocket-Sized Empire
Find the skyscraper miniature model in the living room of the Penthouse, Floor 04. You will go there at the end of the storyline “How the Mighty Fall”.

Shortcut – Helipad Ladder
You’ll find it on Level 3, ahead of the emergency exit, on your way to the Helipad.

Key to the Sceptre

Servant Exit
Follow the steps of the storyline, “How the Mighty Fall”, defeat both targets and escape through the elevator from Floor 02 staff area.

Up and Away
Use the obtained helicopter keys from the challenge “Rotor Ready” and escape through the helicopter on Floor 03.

For Emergencies Only
This challenge automatically gets completed once you’ve obtained the Evacuation Keycard in Assassination “Mile High Drop“.

For completing this challenge, you’ll need to find all disguises in the level:

  • Event Security (Floor 00)
  • Event Staff (Floor 00)
  • Kitchen Staff (Floor 00)
  • Maintenance Staff (Floor 03)
  • Assassin (in Garden with a black suit and green shirt)
  • Art Crew (Floor 03 Control Room)
  • Penthouse Guard (Floors 03, 04, 05)
  • Penthouse Staff (Floors 03, 04, 05)
  • Famous Chef (Penthouse Floor 04)
  • Ingram’s Bodyguard (Floor 04, 05)
  • Pilot (Floor 03)


Meet the Stuyvesants

Suiting Attire
Find the skydiving suit on Floor 01 and then interact with the suit rack at the place where you entered the building.

Eliminate both targets and exit the building.

Precious Moments


Mission Story – (In)Security
Complete the storyline, (In)Security to be done and dusted with this challenge.

It will automatically get completed during the Assassination, “Mile High Drop”.

Chip and Dip
Make your way to the corridor, behind the server room, on Floor 03. Take out the 2 workers in blue clothes and pick up the keycard that they’ll drop.

Now, head back to the server room and you’ll see a platform raised from the ground. Use your keycard to cause one of the 4 servers to switch its screen from green text and yellow text.

Pull the rack from the server with yellow text on-screen to finish this challenge.

Cashing Out
As soon as the level starts, use the crowbar to deposit boxes on Floor -01 Atrium in the reception area. One of these boxes contains a gold bar.

Now, head to the middle of the Atrium and knock out the Sheikh with this gold bar.



Mission Story – Bird of Prey
Complete the Bird of Prey storyline to overcome this challenge.

Disturbing the Peace


Mission Story – How the Mighty Fall
Complete the storyline, “How the Mighty Fall” to overcome this challenge.

Flying Monkey Business
Grab the Evacuation Keycard from the safe (code: 6927) in the Security Room on Floor 03.

Use this Evacuation card on the wall panels in the penthouse Floor 04 & Floor 05 to trigger an escape sequence of your targets.

Place a banana at the edge of the roof so that when your targets are about to jump off the roof with the parachutes, at least one of them slips and becomes unconscious.

Particular Palette


High Rise Drop
Follow the steps of the storyline, “How The Mighty Fall” and you’ll ultimately get access to a console on Floor 03 that’ll allow you to open the elevators on the whole building.

Engage a fight with someone and hit him such that he becomes unconscious. Now, drag his body to the elevator shaft and dump it.

The Phoenix Ascension
You’ll need to complete all levels in this escalation contract.

The Asmodeus Waltz (1)
You’ll need to complete all levels in this escalation contract.

The Asmodeus Waltz (2)
Initiate the escalation contract for the first time to complete this challenge.

Target Challenges

Eliminate Carl Ingram
Simply take down Carl Ingram.

Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant
Simply take down Marcus Stuyvesant.

The Classics

Sniper Assassin
To complete this challenge, you have to kill all your targets using only the Sniper Rifle.

Silent Assassin
During the mission, you must only kill your targets and the get rid of their bodies.

Also, you’ll need to steer clear from the enemy’s radar.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only
To complete this challenge, you must only kill your targets and get rid of their bodies without getting detected.

You’ll also have to do all this with your suit on, and without any disguise.

Suit Only
You have to complete the mission with your suit on, without any disguises.

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