Hitman 3 Dartmoor Undiscovered Area Locations Guide

In this Hitman 3 Dartmoor Undiscovered Area Locations guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know to unlock achievement.

In this Hitman 3 Dartmoor Undiscovered Area Locations guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the locations of these areas in the Dartmoor map of Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Undiscovered Area Locations

In Hitman 3’s Dartmoor Map, you have to discover a total of 22 areas to unlock the No Stone Unturned Trophy.

It’s important that you get your hands on the master key to help in getting to the undiscovered areas of the Dartmoor map.

You will find a master key in Mr. Fernsby’s Office. You’ll need a crowbar to get in; you can find one in the garden outside. With the master key, you can now open almost every door on the map.

Area Locations on Level 0

This area is located on the exterior part of the map on the southern side.

You will find this location on the maps western part.

On the exterior western part of the map, you will find this area.

This area is the house entry location.

On level 0, you will find this large area to the left.

Trophy Room
Moving clockwise from the library, the room on the top left is the trophy room.

Sitting Room
In the middle of the map, the main room is the Sitting room.

Dining Room
On the top right area, the huge room is the dining room, which is also one of the 22 areas you need to discover.

Moving just like that, a room in the lower right area is the area you have to find.

Staff Room
Just next to the kitchen is the Staffroom, which is also one of the 22 areas.

Mr. Fernsby’s Office
The locked room where you find the master key.

Area Locations on Level 1

Emma and Gregory’s Room
The locked room on the top left corner at level 1.

Secret Room (1)
This room is pretty tough to find. For this, you have to take the walking cane from Emma and Gregory’s room and placed it in the mysterious switch on the ground. This room is on the upper floor of the library.

Rebecca’s Room
This is pretty easy to find. You will find this room in the lower right corner of the map.

Secret Room (2)
You can enter this room by interacting with the picture in Rebecca’s room.

Small Office
You will find this area in the northern part of the house.

Zachary’s Room
If you play as a private investigator, you will start your investigation from this room, which is at the map’s top right corner.

Secret Room (3)
You can get to this area by interacting with the book in Zachary’s Room.

Alexa Charlisle’s Bedroom
On the bottom part of this floor is the area you need to discover.

Alexa Charlisle’s Office
On the top section of the floor is the next area you need to find.

Private Room
Just next to Alexa Carlisle’s Office is the room you need to discover.

Secret Room
From the above private room, you can enter another room, which is the last area to be discovered for unlocking the No Stone Unturned achievement.

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