Hitman 3 Dartmoor Shortcuts Locations Guide

There are many shortcuts dotted across all 6 of the maps in Hitman 3. In this Hitman 3 Dartmoor Shortcuts Locations guide, we focus on the shortcuts in England, where you will be going for a murder mystery mission called “Death in the Family.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Shortcuts Locations

There are two shortcut locations in the mansion. You can just follow the mission story and disguise yourself as a private investigator to get inside the mansion and reach the shortcuts with ease.

Let’s take a look at both of the shortcuts in Hitman 3 Dartmoor map below.

Balcony Ladder
The first shortcut will be the balcony ladder. You will approach the main mansion building and see two workers talking outside.

Ignore the workers talking, but do check the boxes lying close to the van there and you will find a crowbar. Keep the crowbar as it will be needed later. After that go inside the main building.

You will have to go to Zachary’s room, the guy who’s murder you are investigating.

The room will be upstairs from the main hall. Climb the stairs, go to your right and then another right and the room will be on your left behind a huge door.

Go to the balcony of the room, which also has a guard on watch.

Take the guard out and you will find the first shortcut on your right. Here’s where you can use the crowbar to let down the ladder

Maintenance Ladder
First, steal the balcony guard’s outfit. To get to this shortcut, you need to get to the third level of the manor and then go to Alexa’s Office.

So, get out of Zachary’s room, go to your right, and then take the stairs on your left.

Then go straight ahead and through the first big door on your right. Here you need to climb the stairs on your left and then jump to hang over the ledge above and left of the stairs.

Then you have to slowly shimmy your way on the ledge to the window in the middle and jump out of the window.

You’ll notice that there is a ladder here; this is the second and last shortcut of Dartmoor in Hitman 3.