Hitman 3 Dartmoor Challenges Guide

Our Hitman 3 Dartmoor Challenges Guide dives deep into the instructions that you should keep in mind to overcome all the challenges in Dartmoor.

Our Hitman 3 Dartmoor Challenges Guide dives deep into the instructions that you should keep in mind to overcome all the challenges in Dartmoor, England, in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Challenges

There are a total of 85 challenges as part of the “Death in the Family” Mission in Dartmoor, England.

Emerging as a victor in these challenges not only boosts your Mastery Level but also grants you new gear and starting locations.

To reach Mastery Level 20 in Dartmoor and unlock The Great Outdoors trophy, you’ll need to complete around 85% challenges.

However, below, you’ll find the outline of each single one of them!

Assassinations Challenges

One for the Ages
After finishing the storyline, “A Day to Remember”, electrocute Alexa by unscrewing the electric socket near the water pouring out from the well.

I Find This Amoosing
Shoot down the Chandelier on Floor 02 in Alexa’s Office when she’s right underneath it.

Grave Mistake
At the end of the storyline, “Her Final Resting Place”, push Alexa in the grave from behind and put some dirt on it using the shovel.

Keep Calm and Aim
The first step of this challenge is to equip “ICA Briefcase MK III” and place a Sniper rifle in it.

Now, shoot down the 3 crow nests in the Graveyard but do no such thing as to harm the Undertaker or make him notice you.

On seeing the crow nests falling, the Undertaker will call Alexa. Wait for her to come and then bring her down with your Sniper rifle.

Sweet Dreams
Head to the private room opposite Alexa’s office on Floor 02. Either knock her out and bring her to the private room for the kill or wait for her to come and make it to this room before you kill her.

Versatile Assassin
Finish “Piano Man”, “Someone Could Hurt Themselves”, “Hold My Hair”, “Straight Shot”, “Tasteless, Traceless” to complete this challenge.

Someone Could Hurt Themselves
Cause an accidental kill like the one in “I Find This Amoosing” to complete this challenge.

Hold My Hair
Poison on Alexa’s drinks with Emetic poison or inject her with “ICA Pen Syring Emetic”.

When she goes to the toilet to puke, drown her inside from behind.

Straight Shot
Put down Alexa with a headshot.

Piano Man
Equip Fiber Wire on any of your loadouts, approach a target, and take it out from behind.

Tasteless, Traceless
To complete this challenge, you’ll need to poison Alexa with lethal poison.

Another Death in the Family


Discovery Challenges

During the storyline, “Means, Motive, and Opportunity”, you’ll encounter Rebecca and Butler on the ground floor of the manor.

Kill them both to obtain the Tuppence coin.

House Cleaning
Finish the storyline, “Means, Motive, and Opportunity” to complete this challenge.

The Bridge on the Thornbridge River

You’ll find this exit on the rightward edge of the map.

Magic is Real
You’ll find this broken-off horn in Alexa’s Secret Room on Floor 03.

Thornbridge Manor Keys

Shortcut – Balcony Ladder
It is located on Level 1 near the Balcony of Zachary’s Room.

Elementary, My Dear Diana
This challenge automatically gets completed during the storyline, “Means, Motive, and Opportunity”.

Discover Dartmoor
Find all the undiscovered areas of Dartmoor on Level 1, 2, and 3. (There are no undiscovered areas on Level 3)

To complete this challenge, you’ll have to find all 8 disguises in Dartmoor:

  • Private Investigator (Floor 00)
  • Undertaker (Floor 00)
  • Photographer (Floor 00)
  • Lawyer (Floor 01)
  • Bodyguard (Floor 01 & Floor 02)
  • Mansion Staff (Floor 00 & Floor 01)
  • Mansion Guard (Floor 00)
  • Gardener (Floor 00)

Shortcut – Maintenance Ladder
You’ll find it on Level 3 within Alexa’s Office.

Dogs Secrets
Grab the walking cane from Gregory’s room on Floor 01, equip it and use it to interact with one of the bookshelves of the Upper Library on Floor 01.

As a result, a hidden passage behind the bookshelf will be revealed.

Don’t Lose Focus
Finish the storyline, “A Day to Remember” to overcome this challenge.

Don’t Rock the Boat

D’ya Like Dogs
It automatically gets marked as completed during the challenge, “Dogs Secrets”.

Justice for a Prize
Take the disguise of the Lawyer on Floor 01.

Let’s Go Hunting
Get a rifle from the Locker, between the Foyer and Staff Room, on Floor 01.

Top Gear
Restart the mission, only this time, use the motorcycle to escape.

Bring Out Your Dead
This challenge automatically gets completed during the storyline, “Her Final Resting Place”.

Last Responder


Close to the Chest
In Alexa’s Office on Floor 02, tap the button on her office chair and enter the code 1975 on the Safe to obtain the file.


Proud Undertaker
Complete the “Keep Calm and Aim” Challenge to automatically complete this challenge.

Peeping 47
Use any one of the several peeping holes in the mansion momentarily while Alexa is nearby.

A Matter of Justice

Nothing as it Seems
Finish the storyline, “A Day To Remember” but don’t harm Alexa or her family at the end.

After the photoshoot is over, Alexa’s family will gather in the sitting room while she makes the speech.

Take a photograph of her during the speech.

Elton Would be Proud
Pacify Edward while he’s playing Piano in the Dining Room.

Mission Story – A Day To Remember
Complete the storyline “A Day To Remember” to complete this challenge.

Second-Hand News
Use any one of the many newspapers in the sitting room to calm down Gregory who’ll be sitting on the couch.

Cue Balled

Mission Story – Means, Motive And Opportunity
Finish the storyline, “Means, Motive And Opportunity” to complete this storyline.

A Matter of Guilt

Mission Story – Her Final Resting Place
Finish the storyline, “Her Final Resting Place” to complete this challenge.

Don’t Kill the Messenger
Go through the Lawyer’s Computer in the Small Office on Floor 01.

Ding-Ding Ding
On Floor 00, ring the bell in the sitting room once Alexa is near.

A Matter of Loyalty

Say Cheese
Find a Fuse and place it in the Fusebox in the Garden. Then, wait until the Photographer takes a photograph of the family.

A Private Moment
While Alexa is saying some words to Zachary’s dead body, photograph her.

The Percival Passage (1)

Complete all levels in this escalation contract to be done and dusted with this challenge.

The Percival Passage (2)
Start the Escalation Contract for the first time to complete this challenge.

The Raven
This challenge automatically reaches completion during the storyline, “Her Final Resting Place”.

Poison Ivy
Head inside the Greenhouse and use the equipment with the flowers to make the lethal poison.


Eliminate Alexa Carlisle
Kill Alexa to complete this challenge.

The Classics

Sniper Assassin
To complete this challenge, you have to kill all your targets using only the Sniper Rifle.

Silent Assassin
During the mission, you must only kill your targets and get rid of their bodies.

Also, you’ll need to steer clear from the enemy’s radar.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only
To complete this challenge, you must only kill your targets and get rid of their bodies without getting detected.

You’ll also have to do all this with your suit on, and without any disguise.

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