Helldivers 2 Tips To Know Before Starting

Tips to help you get started with Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 is a challenging shooter game; your survival chances will decrease if you go in without any preparation. There are a ton of enemies who will be ready to kill you. However, keeping specific tips in mind, you can play and progress smoothly.

To help you, we just came up with some Helldivers 2 tips you should keep in mind before starting the game. These will help not just at the start but in the later part of the game as well.

Know your enemy

Every enemy has a certain attack pattern as well as weaknesses. Knowing how to target these weak spots does additional damage and is also sometimes the only way to kill them.

Chargers, for example, are heavily armored. Unless you have an Autocannon, you’ll need to first strip away its armor before shooting the exposed flesh beneath.

Killing enemies means nothing

Here’s an interesting tip. Do not start shooting at everything you see because enemies account for nothing in Helldivers 2. Your main goal is to complete objectives, farm currencies for upgrades, and successfully extract. Hence, it is best to stay out of the way of enemy patrols.

Reloading eats an entire magazine

While shooting the enemies, keep an eye on your magazine and don’t reload unless the magazine is empty. You will lose other bullets if you reload when half of the magazine is full.

Boosters are not one-time uses

Boosters are unique perks or benefits that you can equip during the loadout phase. Most players tend to think that they can only be used once since that is how “boosters” are treated in other multiplayer games. In Helldivers 2, though, you can use Boosters as many times as you want.

Bring in the right weapons

The environment of a planet will impact the performance of the weapon. Some weapons will slow down if you are on a planet with a cold environment. A laser weapon is a good option when going on a cold planet as it will not heat up quickly.

Readjusting the fire rate in such an environment is also an option if you haven’t unlocked any weapon that is suitable for the environment you are entering.

Never push your limits

Initial difficulty levels are easier to clear, but things will get tough as you increase the difficulty. You should not play at higher difficulty just for more rewards. Remember your limits and abilities and set the difficulty accordingly.

Once you clear missions at lower difficulty too quickly, you can move to the higher ones and stop pushing when things get out of control.

Standing still means death

If you still haven’t figured it out, movement plays a key role in survival in Helldivers 2. While some enemies can easily catch up to you, you will normally want to keep running. Kite the enemies as much as possible. Do not stand around.

Play co-op to stay alive

You can choose to play solo, but Helldivers 2 features a matchmaking system that is too good to ignore. You can join any mission across the Galaxy even if they have started before you. The game uses jump-in/jump-out co-op that makes it easy to find a team.

In fact, while playing, you can throw down an S.O.S beacon to ask other players to join you as well.

Grab upgraded gear as soon as possible

You will collect warbond medals while progressing and accessing explorable areas in the games. Use these medals to unlock Gears and use them for an early advantage. The choice of armor, weapons, etc., will depend on your needs.

While playing in a team, ensure you cover up your team’s weak spots. If your team’s defense is weak, you should go for heavy armor to help out your team. You can even go for a Sniper to make a team strategy to eliminate enemies.

Explore when you have time

Some missions will have a 40-minute time; it is best to explore and collect loot if you are playing one. You can open a bunker to collect free medals and farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2.

However, if you are playing a mission with less time, you should focus on completing the main objectives rather than exploring. There are some other currencies like the Medals, Samples, Requisitand, and Slips that you can collect while exploring and completing missions, so keep these in mind.


Even if you have a small objective pending and your mission timer runs out, you can still complete it and enter the escape shuttle to complete the mission.

Practice using the stratagems

The Stratagems will significantly help you during your journey in Helldivers 2, so you should know which ones are the best in the early game and how to use them. Initially, you will only have a few Stratagems, but you can unlock more as you level up.

The Stratagems inputs are difficult to remember for both PC and PlayStation 5, so practice the codes of the one you will call during missions.

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