How To Kill Stalkers In Helldivers 2

Stalkers' fast attacks and cloaking ability can be quite a pain to deal with in Helldivers 2 if you don't get rid of them quickly.

Stalkers are deemed as one of the scariest Terminids in Helldivers 2 that you possibly face during your missions. Stalkers attack in groups and move twice as fast as the Hunters and are also three times more powerful than the rest of the bugs which makes it increasingly frustrating to deal with them.

In order to locate Terminid missions involving Stalkers, you will need to check your Galactic war map and scroll through the orange (Terminid) areas. There, you can check missions in various sectors, such as L’estrade, Sten, Draco, etc. You will be facing Stalkers at all difficulty levels in Helldivers 2, although on lower difficulties, the chance of encountering them is low.

How to beat Stalkers in Helldivers 2

Stalkers in Helldivers 2 have only one weak spot, and that is going to be their head area. You can kill a Stalker with just a few shots from a good primary weapon like the AR23 rifle. Moreover, Stalkers tend to circle around you to close in on you, so make sure to eliminate the ones approaching from the sides so that you have some space to deal with the rest of them.


Stalkers have a unique behavior trait that makes them cover their face shortly after you fire at them. So before that happens, try to land as many headshots as you can.

Stalkers are the only Terminids that can outrun you quite easily. Moreover, at higher difficulties, you will face cloaked stalkers, which are even harder to pinpoint, making fighting them even more of a pain. Luckily, smoke grenades work well to reveal cloaked Stalkers.

The most effective strategy for taking down a stalker will be to handle them before they get within striking distance. Stalkers will regularly use a tongue attack to knock you down and repeatedly attack you from all sides.

You can shoot their wings to reduce their mobility, but it won’t be that effective, so make sure to target their head areas and dodge their attacks at all costs.


Make sure to equip the Bubble shield on Terminid missions that involve Stalkers. This will give you time to react to a nearby stalker and also keep you safe from close-range attacks.

You can use the Railgun, one of the best support weapons, to take down Stalkers as this high-powered weapon is quite effective against pretty much every enemy. The Rover Support Stratagem is also quite effective in dealing with Stalkers as these bugs will try to sneak up on you so the rover will watch your back.

Whenever you encounter a Stalker, it means that their nest is nearby as they don’t venture too far away from those. If that is the case, you should quickly try to destroy the nest as Stalkers can retreat to those when under pressure. Once the nest is destroyed, Stalkers will also stop spawning during that mission.

In order to easily find a Stalker nest in Helldivers 2 you can check the mini-map on the bottom right end during your mission and start spam-pinging the area until the map displays a square marked area.

Once you see this indication, you can check the compass above to see a bug sign, which will indicate that a Stalker nest is present nearby.

Calling in an Orbital Precision strike to target multiple Stalkers that are heading your way can also be quite useful, just keep friendly fire and splash damage in mind and don’t accidentally kill your allies.

The Orbital Precision Strike, as well as explosive weapons like the Grenade Launcher, are extremely useful against Stalker nests in Helldivers 2 to quickly destroy them. Once the nest is destroyed, the Stalkers will cease to spawn, and you will complete your mission with relative ease.

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