How To Get And Use Boosters In Helldivers 2

Unlock the Boosters to have an upper hand in the missions.

Booster provides unique buffs to you and your team in Helldivers 2. There is only one slot available where you can equip the booster and take benefit. Just one slot is entirely justified as there are not plenty of them available, and they are pretty expensive.

But you can use them forever; it’s not that you have to purchase a new booster every time you want to use it. Moreover, its effect will apply to all team members in Helldivers 2, so not everyone has to equip the same booster.


To get the most out of boosters, ensure everyone in the squad has a different booster if you are playing together as a group instead of random matchmaking.

Boosters are a one-time investment that will benefit you throughout the game, so we recommend that you unlock and equip a booster ASAP. If you don’t know how to unlock them or which boosters are the best, there is nothing to worry about, as we will cover that.

How to unlock Boosters

You can unlock boosters by purchasing them from either of the two available Battle Passes in Helldivers 2. You must spend the Medal you earn while progressing through a mission to buy the boosters. Currently, only seven are available in both passes.

The list below covers all the boosters in Helldivers 2, the benefits they provide, and how many medals you will need to unlock them.

  • Hellpod Space Optimisation: Requires “15 Medals” and ensures your team is fully stocked when leaving Hellpod.
  • Vitality Enhancement: This will allow you to survive longer with protection from injuries and requires 20 Warbond Medals to unlock.
  • UAV Recon Booster: It will boost your team’s “Radar Range.” You will need 40 Medals to unlock it.
  • Stamina Enhancement: As the name suggests, it will boost your stamina and allow you to recover quickly. It will cost you 75 Medals.
  • Muscle Enhancement: If you have this booster, you can continue to move up on the difficult paths without changing direction. It is on page 9 of the Free Battle pass and will cost you 70 Medals.
  • Increased Reinforcement Budget: It is an excellent booster if you have someone on the team who dies a lot. However, you must pay 150 Medals for this booster in Helldivers 2.
  • Flexible Reinforcement Budget: With this booster, the reinforcement will come in quickly. It is the only booster you can unlock from the “Premium Steeled Veterans Warbond” and will cost you 75 Medals.

Best Boosters in Helldivers 2

Though the choice of booster will heavily depend on the team and the type of situation you are dealing with, we have some of the best boosters you can use in every situation.

Hellpod Space Optimization

It is one of the first boosters you can unlock quite early with 15 Medals. Hellpod Space Optimization is one of the best boosters because it will put you and your team on the field with your inventory full of “Grenades, Magazines, and Stims.”

You can fulfill the ammo need with the Stratagems in Helldivers 2, but if you have the booster, you can use the supply Stratagem slot for some other Stratagem.

Stamina Enhancement

Like the Vitality Enhancement, the Stamina Enhancement is another great booster you should use to stay on the battlefield longer. It will boost your and your team’s stamina and increase the recovery.

If each player in your team has one of these boosters, you will end up with a team that can easily handle any situation in Helldivers 2.

Vitality Enhancement

Boosted vitality for the entire team is another significant boost you can equip. The Vitality Enhancement will increase protection from injuries and ensure you survive longer. This will allow you and your team to escape or survive the challenging situation.

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