Hearthstone Whispers of Old Gods Release Date Leaked by Blizzard Itself

The Hearthstone Whispers of Old Gods release date is April 26 according to an inadvertent leak on the official website of Blizzard Entertainment.

The Hearthstone Whispers of Old Gods release date was previously rumored to be on April 24, 2016, but it looks like we were just two days off from the date that Blizzard Entertainment has chosen for the expansion to head out on.

While the developers are yet to confirm the release date, we might have gotten our hands on it thanks to an inadvertent leak by none other than Blizzard Entertainment itself.

What happened was that on the game’s page at Battle.net, the developers put up a new warning message relating to the Naxxramas Bundle that would pop up when you were purchasing the pack.

This warning was supposed to inform the buyers about the format changes of the cards but guess what, they also let out that the Hearthstone Whispers of Old Gods release date is going to be April 26, 2016. Here’s what the message reads:

Starting April 26, 2016 cards from this set will only be playable in Wild play format (which includes the following game modes: solo play, Adventures, Arena, and some Tavern Brawls). You’ll no longer be able to purchase this adventure unless you’ve already unlocked at least one of its wings, but you’ll be able to craft cards from this set using Arcane Dust.

As you would know, Standard and Wild formats are going to be launched alongside the Whispers of Old Gods expansion. And if Wild is going to be unlocked on April 26 it can only mean one thing i.e. Blizzard has leaked the release date!

However, do keep in mind that we treat everything that has not come from the officials as a rumor or an unconfirmed news at best. This one is no different.

Keep checking back with us for any updates that we might have about Hearthstone Whispers of Old Gods release date.

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