How To Raise Livestock In Harvestella

When you are not saving the world from a magical plague, you will be foraging resources and farming crops in...

When you are not saving the world from a magical plague, you will be foraging resources and farming crops in Harvestella. That includes planting and growing seeds as well as raising livestock on your farm.

Harvestella, however, does little to explain how you are supposed to start raising livestock. It is a rather straightforward process but contains several levels of work.

The following guide will teach you how to raise livestock in Harvestella.

Unlock the Conellu Emporium

The Conellu Emporium is a vendor in Lethe Village from where you can purchase pets and livestock. It is also where you will be purchasing your livestock feed over the course of your progression.

You will need to find at least one Conellu Doll to unlock the Conellu Emporium in Lethe Village. The first Conellu Doll is available in Higan Canyon which you will be exploring in Chapter 2.

However, when you first unlock the Conellu Emporium, you will not be able to purchase any livestock. The vendor will only be selling livestock feed, as well as the Totokaku mount.

To purchase livestock from the Conellu Emporium, you will need to first build pens.

The location of Conellu Emporium in Lethe Village.

Build livestock pens

Make your way to the Renovator on the southern edge of Lethe Village to unlock and build pens to keep Cluffowls and Woolums on your farm. Take note that pens are not cheap to build in Harvestella.

Each pen takes a whole day to build, so it will not be immediately accessible. You can also only build one livestock pen per day, which is a rather frustrating limitation in Harvestella.

The Cluffowl or Woolum Pen will cost you 5,000 Grilla, 5x Lumber, and 5x Hard Stone. This cost will increase exponentially for both pens when you decide to upgrade them to hold more livestock.

At the start, a single pen will only hold up to three livestock.

The location of the Renovator in Lethe Village.

Purchase and feed livestock

Wait for a day for your pen to be built and then return to the Conellu Emporium. The vendor will now be selling Cluffowl or Woolum (depending on the pen you have) for 500 Grilla and 900 Grilla respectively. You can only purchase one livestock per day from the Conellu Emporium.

Cluffowls give you eggs, while Woolums give you milk. Both ingredients can be used in cooking recipes. However, your livestock will not start giving any eggs or milk at the start. They are simply too young.

You need to feed your livestock to raise them. For this purpose, head back to the Conellu Emporium to purchase Cluffowl Feed or Woolum Feed for 100 Grilla each. Once again, you can only purchase one feed per day, raising all of your livestock is going to take a lot of time.

Pet livestock to increase their leavings

Harvestella features a unique way of increasing your livestock produce. You can pet your livestock once every day to increase an affection rating.

Interact with the sign outside your pen to check all of your affection ratings. Livestock with high affection ratings have a higher chance of leaving more eggs or milk.

You can also change their names from the same affection menu.

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