How To Get And Upgrade Mount In Harvestella

Harvestella allows you to ride mounts to save precious traveling time. These mounts are more like pets that you can purchase and feed from pet shops in the game.

They help reduce your traveling time by around 50 percent which is a lot considering how many times you will be moving back and forth between various locations in the game.

Totokaku is your first mount/pet that you can unlock. It is a fluffy rabbit-like creature with large horns. The following guide will tell you just how to unlock Totokaku as your mount in Harvestella.

How to unlock a mount in Harvestella

You can purchase Totokaku for 4,000 Grilla from the Conellu Emporium in Lethe Village, a pet shop that sells pets and livestock as well as feed for your farm.

However, the Conellu Emporium will not be available at the start. To unlock the Conellu Emporium, you need to find your first Conellu Doll in Higan Canyon in Chapter 2: Omen.

Conellu Dolls are a type of collectible in Harvestella that unlock new merchants in the game. In this case, your first Conellu Doll will unlock the mount merchant.

How to upgrade your mount in Harvestella

The feed that you purchase for Totokaku is also how you upgrade your mount to improve its speed and more. You can upgrade Totokaku a total of three times by feeding it a certain amount of feed.

Do note that the price of feed increases with each upgrade level. Check below for how much feed you need to purchase for each upgrade.

  • Level 1 requires a Totokaku feed worth 2,500 Grilla.
  • Level 2 requires a Totokaku feed worth 5,000 Grilla. This unlocks the ability to access hidden areas and dig holes.
  • Level 3 requires a Tototaku feed worth 10,000 Grilla.

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