Harvestella Combat Tips

Harvestella is an all-rounder life simulation role-playing game that gives players the taste of in-game socializing, farming, and, most importantly, combat against various creatures. Like most RPG games, here you’ll also be dealing with all sorts of enemies that need proper strategies for tackling them.

Considering it is Quietus, the season of death, you’ll need some extra help, which is why we’ve designed this guide. If you want to learn important combat tips for Harvestella and how to take out a big threat in an expansive world with no wasted time, keep on reading.

How to master the combat system of Harvestella

Eat food for Stamina and HP

One of the first and basic tips we recommend is to carry food and never go out on your adventures on an empty stomach. While this tip might not be directly tied to your combat strategy, it will help you perform better without being drained in the long run.

Harvestella’s map is expansive, dark, and sinister. You never know what you might face on the next step you take or the next dungeon you transfer to.

To save yourself from trouble, with good weapons and class equipped, cook food beforehand as well and stock it up.

Consuming food will ensure that your health pool and stamina regenerate; some recipes may even grant you boosting attack power. We also recommend you to share it with your allies to deepen the bond!

Take supplies with you

Apart from food, we also recommend you stock up on other supplies.

By other supplies, we’re referring to Repair Kits, Return Bells, and Bomb. If you have these unlocked, always take them along, especially since you never know when they might come in handy.

Since the game is mostly based around combat, you will need these more often than you expect.

Equip strong classes

Jobs or classes in Harvestella are an important in-game mechanism that helps players equip and switch between different classes and take advantage of their perks as they meet their attainment requirements.

Players will be starting out with the primary fighter job, and as they progress through levels and unlock more jobs, they can equip no more than three at once.

There are a total of ten classes in the game, including; Fighter, Mage, Assault Savant, Sky Lancer, Shadow Walker, Mechanic, Woglinde, Avenger, Pilgrim, and Lunamancer.

As you unlock these, you can attach these classes to your hotkeys by going to your ‘Only Character’ tab and equipping these classes on the empty slots.

Once you do that, you’ll have major advantage mid-fights, to switch to different playstyle and attributes that will aid in your victory against tough competition.

Baiting and Dodging

Baiting and Dodging are the two moves we believe are building blocks to any good fight strategies. If you have these mastered, you can face any enemy and take minimal damage while giving your maximum output.

As much as we love Dodging, unfortunately, it won’t be available for players earlier in the game. You are required to progress to a certain level to unlock this ability, and until then, Baiting will have to do the job for you.

To bait effectively, we recommend you avoid a situation where a mob fight and crowd control would be demanding. Instead, position yourself at a distance and take them out from a range. Then, attack relentlessly, and you should get rid of the enemies in some time.

Attack Pain Points

By pain points, we’re referring to the elemental attributes and attacks that certain enemies fall short on and are weak against. Every enemy has that one weak point that, when tackled effectively, can instantly wipe them out of the arena.

The rule is as simple as Water vs. Fire. Use conflicting elements on your foes, and they should take enough damage. You can research on the enemy beforehand to know their weaknesses, and then you should be good to go.

Make a lot of friends

Just like in real life, where you expect your friends to have your back, in Harvestella, too, you can have your fellows protect you in hard times.

Taking your time in the game and focusing on creating beneficial bonds can help you team up with fellows and go through quests and battles that may demand you to have a team or extra help

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