Best Crops To Farm/Harvest In Harvestella

Harvestella is a farming simulator and hence, you are going to quickly realize the importance of growing and harvesting crops...

Harvestella is a farming simulator and hence, you are going to quickly realize the importance of growing and harvesting crops to either use in cooking recipes or sell for income. The latter of which is how you start generating Grillas early on.

There are several crops to plant in Harvestella. Some of them can only be harvested in certain seasons, while others require a different biome or setting to grow. Some crops might even give you other, special benefits but are rather difficult to grow in the game.

The following guide will help you decide by listing the best crops to farm in Harvestella.

Best crops to plant in every season


Carrops are basically carrots that are going to be one of your main sources of income during the early game. They can be planted in both Spring and Summer and sell for 115 Grilla each after being harvested.

You can purchase Carrop seeds from the Lethe General Store for 105 Grilla. However, the Nemea General Store sells them cheaper at 95 Grilla.

Carrops take one day to grow and be ready for harvest.

Nemean Tomato

Unlike Carrops, Nemean Tomatoes can be re-harvested. That means you do not have to waste your money on purchasing seeds every time you want to grow a new batch of Nemean Tomatoes.

Nemean Tomatoes can be sold for 65 Grilla each. That is lesser than the 170 Grilla you will be paying for their seeds at the Nemea General Store. However, since they can be re-harvested, you will only have to purchase Nemean Tomato seeds the first couple of times.

Once you start harvesting them regularly, you will quickly recover your initial loss to bag 170 Grilla as total profit for each Nemean Tomato.

You can plant Nemean Tomatoes in both Spring and Summer. Do note that they take five days to be ready for harvest.

Stellar Wheat

Stellar Wheat is another crop that you can grow in both the Spring and Summer seasons.

You can purchase Stellar Wheat seeds from the Lethe General Store for 40 Grilla each. They take two days to be ready for harvest and can be sold for 55 Grilla.

The profit margin is not that much but Stellar Wheat is an important crop to grow on your farm in Harvestella. This is because Stellar Wheat is used to craft Flour at the Flour Mill and Cluffowl Feed for your livestock.

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