Xbox Backwards Compatibility Receives Halo Wars, Soul Calibur 2

Three new games have been added to the Xbox Backwards Compatibility service, including Halo Wars, Soul Calibur 2 HD Online and King of Fighters '98.

Following the additions of Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament to the Xbox Backwards Compatibility service last week, Microsoft have now added three more games to the ever-growing list. Halo Wars, Soul Calibur 2 and King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match have all joined the roster of around 140 games.

Halo Wars was in fact rumored a couple of months ago to be added to the service, and has now been confirmed. A real-time strategy game set in the Halo universe, 21 years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, the game was among the most demanded of titles to join the Xbox Backwards Compatibility list due to its popularity on Xbox 360 following its release in 2009. Halo: Reach and Halo: Spartan Assault are also available through the service, with all other Halo titles bundled in the Halo: Master Chief Collection.

Soul Calibur 2 was remastered for Xbox 360 11 years after its original release and it is this version of course that will be available now for Xbox One users. Officially called Soul Calibur 2 HD Online, the fighting instalment includes online play unlike the original. The game includes the characters Heihachi and Spawn, that were previously exclusive only to Playstation 2 and Xbox respectively, but does not include Link from the Zelda series as that was exclusive to the Nintendo Gamecube.

Lastly, King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match was released as an Xbox Live Arcade game back in 2009 following its original release in 1998 (hence the name). It has now made the transition to Xbox One as the second fighting game to make the switch this month.

For a full list of the available Xbox 360 games now available through the Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility feature, take a look at Major Nelson’s site, which includes many answers to potential questions you may have about the service.