Halo Wars Coming to Xbox One Backwards Compatible Library

Halo Wars is among the most demanded Xbox One BC games and it looks like it is in the pipeline(Via: Evilboris). Microsoft may soon add it to Xbox One’s library, if a new leaked image is to be believed.

Halo Wars

The image shows the store page for Halo Wars on Xbox One. Halo Wars on Xbox One is going to be 6.34GB in size. Previously, Microsoft said that it is changing the way games are delivered to backwards compatibility. Games will be added as soon as they become available and from the looks of it, Halo Wars has just become available and is ready to go.

This isn’t the first store page to be spotted. Just recently Microsoft added Call of Duty Black Ops DLC page to the store. This indicated that Black Ops is coming too.

Red Dead Redemption was also spotted, but we were pretty sure that it was a fake. Microsoft had clearly stated that licensing issues prevent them from bringing Red Dead to Xbox One.

Speaking of Red Dead Redemption, it is rumored that Rockstar is working on a sequel. Ex-Rockstar employee Danny Ross teased Red Dead Redemption 2.

Which game to do you want first via BC? Halo Wars or Black Ops?

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